Let’s Debate. OK, You Stand There Next to Me and Give a Speech, and Then I’ll Give One. You Know–A Debate.

I am fighting the tyranny of stinky, dead threads over at the mecca so many of us living lives of quiet desperation look to for amusement and acknowledgement that we’re alive. And, oh yeah, that we’re terrifically witty, smart and good in bed.

So, I’ll give you a subject to riff on, but consider this for all intents and purposes an Open Thread. Talk about, link to whatever the fuck you want. Say “fuck” a lot. It means you’re free.

So, anyway, two of the Reagan fetishists running for the Republican nomination–One L and Prick Erry–  have recently expressed frustration that during debates they actually have to, you know, debate one another. They have complained that they are being “pitted” against one another. One L and Prick Erry Shorter: We’re butthurt we have to answer questions we are ill-prepared to answer and would instead like to answer questions we have canned, trite Luntz talking point responses ready for. We would like to give these answers uninterrupted, then not have them rebutted in any way. Kthankxbai.

Also, I am working…always working…when I have the time…

Here’s some music. 

Feel free to link to your own.

UPDATE: The mecca has a new thread up. So feel free to ignore this entry. No, really. I’ll be fine. *sniffle*

Disturbing Stats Update:


91 thoughts on “Let’s Debate. OK, You Stand There Next to Me and Give a Speech, and Then I’ll Give One. You Know–A Debate.

  1. Have you considered a life outside of Sadly,No? Perhaps you should have a child. :)In other news, in an attempt to come off as less of an angry butthole, I will be integrating frequent use of smileys into my comments. XDgood news though; iOs does not spell-flag " butthole". Have a lovely day. :).

  2. Have you considered a life outside of Sadly,No?No. Lights…human interaction…scary. Plus, I heard there are zombies in meatspace. It occurs to me that there should be some sort of zombie emoticon.

  3. I haven't even looked at Sadly, No in months. Does anybody post but Tintin anymore? I mean, not to bag on Tintin, but it was a LOT more fun and interesting to have the variety of voices. I think I'll continue to stay away. But do say hi for me.The thing about the GOP Primary is the debates are not the debates. It's difficult for them to get away with the amount of dishonesty, hate and dissension they want to bring to the campaign in a debate format, at least without being challenged by other dishonest hate and dissension.But fear not. Just as the 1960 Presidential campaign came to be known as the first TeeVee campaign, so 2012 will be recognized as the first YouTube campaign. See, the expensive part about TeeVee ads isn't the ads part, it's the TeeVee part. The campaigns can make dozens of targeted, highly specific commercials in real time, and no longer do they have to purchase airtime for them to have an effect.Now they just release them on the Intert00bz, and as long as they're sufficiently outrageously beyond the pale the cable news networks will discuss them, and along with pundits of all stripes, will link to them.So the real debates in the Republican primary campaigns will not be debates at all, but will instead be this odd, disjoint charge and countercharge delivered with rich production values and powerful soundtracks and no concurrent dissenting voices…

  4. Yeah, it's just Tintin. It makes me sayud, because apparently I delurked right as all the other authors were leaving. Geez, I hope that's just a coincidence. Anyway, Substance links to a lot of the stuff from the "good old days," and god is it funny. Maybe some day Tintin will entice someone to help him around the place. In the meantime, it's a bummer you don't post there; you're such a great a writer. And, yes, I bet you're right about the debates, although I think most debates are structured so that they're stunningly shallow even without the reliance on youtube.

  5. How do you mean? Like can you use it on the frames of an animation? Or does it have some kind of animation feature? Cuz if you mean the former, I would think yes and the latter, no.

  6. My main tissue with blooger is no strikethrough in the comments. You can say a lot with strikethrough.Oh, I HAAAAAAAAAAAATE that. Strikethrough is fun. Also, my favorite method of quoting people is to, you know, actually quote them with a blockquote.

  7. On James Wolcott's blog there is a very interesting argument as to why Mittens will get the nod from the R's. He also has a link to bluegirl's review of his book. Pretty neat! Since it is an open thread, you will be pleased to note that Westham United beat Leicester City 3-2. Also an architect of the economic reforms(or pirate ransacking)in NZ died of melanoma and people are praising his life's work and calling him a "true patriot". His mean spirited, life damaging ideas have deeply scarred this country. He had a bloody good job as head of the Business Roundtable for 25 years while ordinary folks had their lives fucked over. And he wanted to do more of it. He really wanted to do more.I am a forgiving kind of person but I cannot find one ounce for this guy, sad as it is that he died relatively young.Thanks for the space VS

  8. Hey, that's what I'm here for. That seems to be the trend now. Now matter how vile you were while you were alive, you get to be canonized in death. I mean, Ronald Reagan had a big hand in creating the myth that there were scores of (blacks!!!) layabouts just waiting for their check so they could live the good life on their measly welfare payments. That did a LOT to change the debate in this country and set things back here. But people remember him as this genial, harmless guy.

  9. Hmm.How do you mean? Like can you use it on the frames of an animation? Or does it have some kind of animation feature? One of the things about The GIMP's Liquefy-alike iWarp feature that I took advantage of with Newt and Don Surber is that you can mush something into unrecognizability and then just choose an arbitratry amount of frames. Then it manufactures the interim frames.

  10. OK, as far as I can tell, you can Save the Mesh (as the way you fucked up the image), there are Reconstruction options (which appears to have nothing to do with animation) and Masking options (which, I'm sure know, has to do with making certain portions of the image go away).It doesn't look like there's anything that actually creates frames for you. So Gimp 1, P-shop 0.

  11. Typically, the way Adobe products work is that the frame generating functionality would be in Premiere. The cool thing is that it is seamless to bring tools from the other software products to bear on an existing project. The awful thing is you have to give them thirty stupendillion dollars.Adobe, I fear, is the 1%…

  12. Also, too, as long as we're rambling over here today don't miss that hilarious new sitcom "Seventeen drunken idiots in a very old Clown Car". It's about the Eurozone, and it stars the EU, the ECB, and the 17 member states, with the IMF as a recurring character. It's utterly hilarious, in the same way the Lucy-with-the-Football continued to be entertaining for decades.In the latest episode, just as things were about to melt down (again) everybody went to Brussels and got hammered and wrote down a "plan" with some crayons, but some of it must have gotten smeared with the drool, because while they agreed that private bondholders would have to agree to a 50% haircut, nobody knows if this is the kind of "Credit Event" that triggers the CDSs – like jumping out of an airplane without knowing if there's a parachute or some old pots and pans in the backpack.Then they ALL held hands and agreed they would contribute BILLIONS of Euros to the stabilization fund and to recapitalize the banks once they get creamed on their sovereign Greek debt holdings. And they made an announcement and western equity and debt markets exploded in glee – the day was saved!!But then everybody went back and read the parts that were smeared with drool and nowhere does it say where those funds are coming from, who's going to contribute what, and what they will do about that small problem that the fund is illegal under the EU Charter.I'm tellin you, this shit is HIGH-larious…

  13. sigh. someday I will write good enoughly that I won't have to explain a weak joke.Your jokes are plenty good. I think you're ridiculously funny (for a butthole zombie)…but I am doing the grunt work part of this manip and it's making me grumpy.

  14. It's because I don't have boobs, isn't it?Did they fall off?Dammit.There's some real gravity-related downside to that whole zombie gig.You should get one of those burlap gunnysacks so you can carry your various parts around with you once they fall off. 'Cause I don't think a stapler is the answer. Not even a really BIG stapler…

  15. mikey's sitcom needs moar pr0n.Good Lord, girl, you're insatiable.120 million people getting fucked isn't enough pr0n for you?Angela Merkel and Nicholas Sarkozy in a three-way with Berlusconi isn't worth watching?The ECB wandering from capital to capital pissing on their working people isn't enough fetish for you?How about the irony of the whole continent queued up waiting their turn to give it to Greece up the ass, HARD. That's pretty funny, isn't it?

  16. I've been keeping my eyes open as I wander around the neighborhood, Z. As soon as I spot an unattended shovel, I'ma bag that bad boy. I don't even care if it's not the flat kind with the short handle, although that would be my preference in a world of perfect shovels.Now, of course, if it's one of those little on-handed motherfuckers forget it, I'm not even going to bother, because that's not a shovel at all, that's a whadayacallit, a trowell, and while it's true I don't have one of those either I don't give a shit.I don't have a hammer either, but I have a dremmel tool. You wanna be careful with those in an appartement, because they make sparks that burn black pits in the carpet and then when you want to move out you have to find some paint the same color as the carpet and paint the black holes to match the surrounding area. Kind of a pain in the ass – much easier to use the dremmel tool in the bathtub, right?

  17. Cynicism? Not so much.Sometimes, you can know where you want to go and there's still just no way to get there.They should replace "We are the 99%" with "You just can't get there from here"

  18. Yeah, I'm posting over here, because at my place I have all that cynicism to clean up, and I am just not up to it today.What's worse, mikey apparently rents all his porn from the "Debbie Downer Internationale" section.

  19. Psssst!Hey VS!Porn is FREE these days.If you want I'll email you some links. But frankly, if you can't find it at Redtube you very likely have HIGHLY specialized tastes and already have a darknet account…W/V agrees: exessest

  20. I have several hammersYou also need the convenient carry-bag, such as can be used in IQ comparisons with prominent print-media pundits.Potential Mythbusters episode.W/v says "striga", in an attempt to warn me about VS' true nature.

  21. THAT is truly a shovel to be coveted, Senior Smut. But as to appearance, I am from California, and, while you may not be aware of it, here on the west coast only GIRLS wear overalls.And they look pretty hot when they do…

  22. Hmmmph.Seems like the burlap gunny sack would suffice for the banksters, too.Or maybe you should have two, in order to avoid mixing up their partses and and your pieceses…

  23. Feelings HURT.But…but you ARE from south of the border, aren't you?Jeez, y'just try to be polite while waiting for the Customs Coppers to come along and take these ALIENS back to Mexico or whatever and this is whatcha get.W/V doesn't give a shit, says he's bacing

  24. Hmmm. I notice two things. Not counting the skilled backhand suspenders unsnapping move. That's some A game.But I notice he has swim fins. Why would a carrot need swim fins? And then I notice that carrot evolution has not been nice to him. If he needed to suddenly look down, he would strike himself in the gonads with great velocity with the southern half of his taproot. When he was a teenager his friends used to take great joy in dropping five dollar bills between his swim fins and then waiting for him to notice.Hilarity ensued…

  25. I have been testing it with banksters. They are fatter, so you get fewer per bag-load, but they are squishier.Yeah, but they're filled with shit. They're like a huge shrimp…and who wants to deal with that?

  26. BTW, could someone correct me re: my statement upthread? I referred to the sofa in my manip as "Baroque." I'm pretty sure that's not the right term. What would be? Rococo? Vacuumslayerisfullofshitto?

  27. Love what you're working on, vs. Do you ever feel vulnerable about your work showing when you aren't here—like it's all alone and vulnerable out there? Am guessing not, since you have the cojones to show something you haven't finished yet.So. Anyone know where a script for a beer drinking sloshed smiley face will work in the comment section? I must consider this when Clouds builds my website. I want all manners of tags and sassy emoticons to work.

  28. I don't feel too vulnerable, wiley. I have such a small audience…some of them like my stuff, some of them don't, I reckon, but are too kind to say so…so I don't fret about it. I HIGHLY recommend having an emoticon-friendly site. I know a lot of people frown on stuff like "LOL" and smiley faces, but I think it's just how we communicate on the Intertrons…and I think sometimes just a big grinning smiley makes more of impact than "I think that's really funny."

  29. Yeah, sometimes it helps to illustrate the tone you're using. I'm sure some of my comments sound angry and strident when they are, in fact, typed calmly with a little wry humor. Once the boys figure out that I'm a girl, my comments seem to double in their rage. I ordered a cherry frame and a claret mat for "If I Just Close My Eyes", I can't wait to frame it and send it on its way. It's a belated birthday present—my common-law adopted child turned 18 last month, and her present then was her father and me helping to pay to have her impacted wisdom teeth removed. That's not very birthday-ey.Today Clouds sent his daughter (my former charge and surrogate daughter) a phone I bought her with a phone plan. We're sending her a tablet too, so I can send her my transcript of the talk I just had with her about money, birth control, pregnancy, abortion, the costs of living and living well on a low budget, the dangers of getting an apartment with your bff and how to avoid them, and how to deal with moochers who show up to use your resources as soon as you buy a couch, but never have money for what they need— yet they can always find a few bucks for beer and/or weed. I'm glad she's on her own now, so I can be there for her without her grandparents interfering. When my website is up, you'll be able to read all about them and learn exactly what I think about them. It ain't pretty.

  30. Woot, FF has updated its cache and sofa is showing up now. Lat time I looked there was only teh central part of the image. Rococo Louis-Quinze sofa with an Art Nouveau mirror frame? A few harsh words to your interior decorator are in order.

  31. McG is correct about teh google not indexing your comments correctly if you use a third party comment software..but seriously..wouldn't you rather be able to use emoticons n shit and ban people than worry about how teh google indexes your damn comments?

  32. Clouds doesn't necessarily want to reinvent the wheel, so if anyone can recommend a commenting system that will allow scripts for emoticons, html tags for strikethrough and bold and all that jazz, and allow people to post thumbnails and links with their comments, I would appreciate any and all leads.I just ran into a cache of photos I had forgotten about. It will easily take a month to organize and tweak all my photos, but boy am I having a good time. "My Life in Order" by Christine Worth coming to an internet near you, soon. Need to register my pen name so I can sell some downloads for a buck a piece and sell some ad space.

  33. Oooh, yeah. Is there a bells and whistles commenting system? A WYSIWYG comment box with all the fixins would be AWE-SOME. And I've always wanted to be able to have emoticons, of course, because I'm 12. BTW, wiley, I skimmed over your post about your harrassment situation in AF (cuz that's all I had time for)…I wanna know more about that, being an AF spouse myself.

  34. Note that I am certainly not trying to mess up your search stats by planting phrases like sexy pokemon videos or extreme pokemon hentai or emo pokemon sex cosplay hentai webcam nude cheerleader pokemon pokemon pokemon.

  35. That Spanish speaking rap artist is the bomb and so is the imagery in this video. What a great language for poetry and old-school rap!My dad and I used to talk to this. When he was really young he was in a rock band. While living in France. They had rock over there but my dad always thought the language was never suited for rock. I used to agree. Now there's a lot French stuff I listen to and it feels more right now. And why not with Spanish, too?

  36. A WYSIWYG comment box with all the fixins would be AWE-SOME. And I've always wanted to be able to have emoticons, of course, because I'm 12. Of course, you do something like that and Bouffant will just post a video of his shit. Or something even more repellent.

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