Distant Voices, Vibrating Pixels

Our lovely friend, Dusty read my “We’re Doing OK” entry on the air. That was a trip. And Dusty has such a wonderful, makes-sweet-love-to-your-earholes voice, I’ve decided I’m going to pay her to walk around near me, being my voice. This will be great for me, because as an epically-lazy person, I will now only have to mouth words, instead of going to the trouble of actually talking.

Substance made a song sorta for me, which I hate because if you know anything at all about me, it’s how much I hate it when people pay attention to me/talk about me/make songs for me. I hate that stuff. SO DON’T DO IT.

In other news, I recently was deluged (the number 5 is a deluge, right?) with print orders…bought by 2 internet friends and occasional readers. I make almost 0 profit on these sales, but the idea that somebody out there likes what I’m making makes my heart go all splodey with happiness-facsimile feelinks.

If I Just Close My Eyes
Aquitaine Commission
The Last Green Thing in Midas County

Finally, here’s Pookietronic. He has a teddybear on his butt. That is silly. And if you know anything about me, it’s that I hate silliness.


42 thoughts on “Distant Voices, Vibrating Pixels

  1. smut, for someone who refers to herself as an artist, I am shockingly ignorant about other artists. Its…kinda…embarrassing. But thanks for introducing her to me. I was looking at her stuff on my iPad and fell in love, of course.

  2. I suspect those were key ingredients in several of the scenes of this movie.The only scene I got to see was the rape scene–which, btw, I will never watch again for the rest of my life. I find the rest of the movie much more interesting.

  3. Look at you—cutey pookietronic–num,num,num,num. Delicious tender baby. Aren't you a delicious, tender, baby? Yes, you are. Shake your head yes. Yes you are a delicious tender baby. Let's climb into the big turkey pot. Good pookietronic. Good. Good. Look at you laughing, you funny pookietronic. Aren't you a funny pookietronic? Yes, you are.A little heavy when you're in a turkey pot and I'm lifting you with two handles. but—let me see—ah, the light went off its' time to get you into the oven.

  4. I was looking at her stuff on my iPad and fell in love, of course.Hard to believe that it's nearly 30 years since Women Artists and the Surrealist Movement. Agar and Carrington and Fini and Oppenheim were still alive then. Now there's only Dorothea Tanning left. About time for a SECOND EDITION, sez I.

  5. Ah gee, yer making me blush woman..stop it!I so enjoyed your call and AK's and Bouffants as well. If we all call in at the same time..we can have a virtual online party of sorts..providding we stick to the topic OWS..that IS the main point of the daily show. Your piece was so moving..I just loved reading it and giving it life, so to speak. 😉 You really can write..you are so multi-talented I am jealous as hell!

  6. I loved talking w/you too. We shall hopefully do it again as Tuesday is my regular day now. I will also fill in on other days as my back allows. Gwen runs a business and is getting behind lately. She pays for the airtime, so I am grateful that she allows me a space to bitch and hopefully inform folks. I put your last graphic up and a link to your DA spot as well. 😉

  7. You were great, VS. Very different from your "mucus" song, did you use autotune for that?For my talk with Dusty? No. ;)No, I didn't use it for my sick recording either. That was just me in terrific misery. You sounded AWESOME! I was saying on zrm's blog you were coming across as British to me. I think that when Americans listen to Aussies or Kiwis we're always expecting to hear Crocodile Dundee. Most of y'all don't seem to sound like that.

  8. Since I love every piece of artwork you create, its hard to pick one for me. I hope someday to be able to purchase one of your wonderful works of art so I have something glorious and whimsical to look at when politics make me friggin wanna go postal.Your writing, when you have 'your dander up' is superb dear woman. You should get pissed more often! 😉

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