You Used to Be Uncool

I’m one of those uncool people who thinks of blogging as an interactive experience. I write something, people comment on what I write, and–I hope–a conversation begins. Even if it’s just a short one. But lately I have been so fucking busy, I have not had a chance to respond to so many comments. I makes me haz a sad. I wanted to let you know that I have, in fact, been reading and enjoying, though. So, so much. Yes. I’ve been lurking at my own blog.

I’m planning on doing a big fun “thank you” post as soon as I do not have every single second of my day filled with cleaning, cooking, chauffeuring (yesterday it was dogs–can you imagine?), shopping, spit-up mopping, epic naptime battles, and jumparoo-assembly.

Also, if I’ve been remiss in commenting on your blogs, I will totally get caught up by this weekend. I know some of you are thinking, like, “who cares?” But I really do view it as a reciprocal thing…and I try to be a good citizen of the bloggy-verse.

Except in the case of Empire, ‘cuz zrm is a butthole.

Also, I heard some of you did a podcast. Am I anxious to hear you buttholes? OMG, yes! First chance I get. First. Chance.


63 thoughts on “You Used to Be Uncool

  1. I go through periods as well where I don't get around to other blogs much. It really can't be helped, can it? Being Super-women is quite time consuming!:)((Hugs))Laura

  2. After a meltdown and then half an hour of work by me mate, I've got an account. Vacuumslayer, I wanted to tell you that "It takes a born artist to endure the labor of becoming one" and you are an artist. Just bought 4 pictures from you. Wish I could afford bigger ones and something better than the uniframes I'm going to get; but they're going to look great anyway and they will be enjoined every day. Got "If I Just Close My Eyes" for a former charge who turned 18 last month and is striking out on her own. What I spent to help have her impacted wisdom teeth removed was great but not exactly a present. The girl in that painting looks kind of like her. I know she'll love it. For Christmas I'll get her one of your more fantastic pieces (that also resemble her) and have it framed nicely. She was beloved by all the emo kids in school, and looks like she just stepped out of a Tim Burton cartoon sometimes (but I thinks she's already outgrowing that). You post quite a lot for an artist with a babbie.

  3. Wrong wrong wrong! Web-logging is where I tell other people stuff from a pose of ego-centric & misanthropic nihilism & couldn't care less what non-mes think, because, after all, they are not me. (For which I'm quite sympathetic. Sorry, all.)Got to get a microphone that will handle my baritone properly if I intend to speak further via the digital audio suckiness of the Internet 'though.

  4. You post quite a lot for an artist with a babbie.I guess I do, don't I? It seems like not a lot since I was forced to get those things people call "a life." I really like connecting with my internet friends. I think it keeps me vital. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kind works re: my art. It's comments like this that keep my plugging along whenever I start to doubt myself. And I'll be honest: I'm over the moon you made some purchases. I'm lucky enough so that I can do this for fun and not profit…and just knowing that someone liked and responded positively to my art is payment enough.

  5. Kwell in five gallon bucketsDid the little buggers develop resistance to A-200?Bonus: Something to keep VS & fambly totally uncool.And, I again made that stuff w/ the mayo that grosses out Philistines, 'cept added minced garlic & used Johnsonville breakfast snausages instead of Kroger's b. s. Hope Sheboygan Falls is authentic enough.

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