We’re Doing OK

Well, even. My husband makes a good living. We do not reach the the 250,000 (that’s a quarter of a million dollars, to put it another way) threshold that some folks were freaking out about when talk of raised taxes began…but we live a fairly nice life. We have a nice house. I can get a nice pair of shoes or a nice handbag now again. We are not rich (really, not even by a stretch), but sometimes I feel rich.

 Only it’s not really fun to feel rich this way. There are way too many people suffering all around us. Well, not around us because we’re in middle/upper-middle-class suburban hell…but when I start seeing people standing in highway medians with signs that say “Will work for food,” I know things are getting bad.

OK, so my husband made some good choices, which affords us our decent lifestyle. He worked really, really hard, he has two masters degrees, he saved, he was responsible. Not everyone who falls on hard times makes all the right choices; but I don’t think the proper punishment for a lapse or two in judgement is joblessness and poverty. And let’s set that aside, because the fact is that most people work hard. Most people try. Most people are not looking for a hand-out. Most people just want a shot. A shot at a decent education and a job that let’s them live a decent life and perhaps occasionally treat themselves. (Most people don’t even expect that; I think they should.)

I stand with the 99 percenters. I don’t fucking care what they’re wearing, what they smell like and where they’re pissing. I care that they’re caring and they’re finally doing something. I care the American people are finally waking up the fact that they are getting SCREWED. The wealth gap here in this glorious union is disgraceful. The fact that a record number of Black men are currently unemployed–how is this not considered a national crisis?

Meanwhile, Big Business sits on trillions of dollars because they feel “uncertain.” WTF? Uncertain because you won’t be able to break laws anymore? Skirt paying your fair share in taxes? Because you’ll have to deal with regulations that make sure you can’t screw and/or kill consumers? Uncertain about what, exactly? Please, Big Business, let us know. So we can hold your widdle hands and tell you it will be otay. Being a Master of the Universe capitalist comes with risk. YOU KNOW THIS. If you suddenly cannot handle risk, perhaps you should not be in business.

WHERE ARE THE FUCKING JOBS, JOB CREATORS?  And when you’re making record profits and looting pension funds (because executives need more compensation than you working plebes, dammit), do not tell me you are a widdle fwaidy cats who can’t hewup but sit fwozen because Obama and the 99 are SO MEAN to you. You’re doing fine. You’re doing better than fine. You’re doing sociopathically fine, while the world goes to shit around you. So remove your boots from our necks and we’ll think about doing the same to you.

To those 53% fuckfaces, who’s reaction to human suffering is “Fuck you, I got mine”? GO FUCK YOURSELVES. With rusty chainsaws. The proper reaction to hearing that economy sucks and that people have fallen on hard times is “Let me give you a hand up.” Not a smug, nasty “I’d rather starve as long as I can watch you starve a little more.” Come on, that’s psychotic. And lest any wingnut dare question my commitment to this ideal, let me say up front: YES. We would be willing to pay a little more in taxes to ensure that those around do a little bit better. We are not rich, still we are willing. It’s a shame you’re so fucking emotionally destitute you can’t say the same.



48 thoughts on “We’re Doing OK

  1. This is a very good post. Heart and brain combined. The connection you make, between your situation and the condition of society, is so blindly obvious to, say, you and I, that those who do not see it must be doing that wilfully.Bravo, that woman, bravo!

  2. Rather than embracing huge new spending programs and tax increases, plus increasingly radical and potentially violent activists, the Democrats should instead build a bridge to the much more numerous independents and moderates in the center by opposing bailouts and broad-based tax increases.Here, Doug drops the pretext of polling and simply lies. And that's what FAUX pays him for.P.S. J— and I were talking about Doug S. a little earlier.~

  3. Thanks. Nice to hear stuff like that.Why do we need people in the streets? Because our system of governance has always been crippled and vulnerable – it was conceived in the mid-eighteenth century, in a time and place where 'gentlemen' were expected to compromised for the good of the community – and in the last thirty years corporations and the wealthy have utterly co-opted and corrupted it. To the point where it ONLY serves them, and no longer feels it necessary or important to serve those who it supposedly represents.We need people in the streets because we have learned the hard way, time and again that change through the ballot box is not an option that is available to us anymore. Watching the world change from Bush to Clinton to Bush to Obama has hammered home the point that we have been rendered voiceless, an unimportant afterthought in a world ruled by titans, for titans.We need people in the streets because until they BELIEVE there is a cost, until they understand that when we finally stop and say NO MORE, until they FEAR the consequences of their corruption and profiteering it will never end.We need people in the streets….

  4. It seems like so many of the stories I read have the solution screaming out between the lines: just raise the fucking taxes already. You could have, like, medicine and education and welfare and standards and regulations and all sortsa good stuff, and that's not even mentioning wiping out a huge proportion of the impetus to corruption and looting your own fucking companies.

  5. You knocked it out of the park, kiddo!The thing about doing "OK" in this economy is that it could all end suddenly due to a single incident. There's no safety net for Joe Schmo, while the guys who tanked the economy got to call a mulligan on Joe Schmo's dime. I'm doing okay, but I want everyone to do better than okay. I don't want slave labor going into my gadgets, I don't want the guy next door to lose his house. To those 53% fuckfaces, who's reaction to human suffering is "Fuck you, I got mine"?They don't even have theirs- you read their stories, and they're wage slaves, fighting on the behalf of their masters. They are just like the poor white southerners who charged into the meat grinder so their "betters" could own black people.

  6. Thanks for your 2 cents and kudos, everyone. I really appreciate it. Oh well, I guess I'll have to work in some double skeevitude overtime on a future post.It should be easy. I'm pretty sure my next post will be about penis-eels.

  7. They don't even have theirs- you read their stories, and they're wage slaves, fighting on the behalf of their masters.Yeah, a lot of them hardly live lives of privilege…but they're such huge ASSHOLES, they're ok with that as long as they can kick someone else in the face. I can't believe I share a planet with these people.

  8. Gosh, I'd be honored. Can you say ALL those "F" bombs? I mean, I kinda got carried away. LOL. Yeah, I'm listening to you and zrm right now and I'm just grinning, because you both sound so pleasing to my ear and it's a HOOT hearing the voices of my internet friends.

  9. What gets me is that you and Zombilicious are what I consider to be our middle class. And you folks are a vanishing breed imho. Some folks buy into the Limbaugh school of fuckery..which is nothing more than fearmongering, whilst others are like you and ZRM..are supporters of the movement.

  10. And I will do my best tomorrow to get your message out there VS. 😉 You rock my favorite artist! So..feel free to call in, or just listen as I bitch my brown ass off LOL. I plan to play some shit spewed by RushBo tomorrow about OWS or speak about what he recently said..as much as it pains me to do so, as I despise that fuckwad with every fiber of my being.

  11. No courage required. I will only say as much about you and your blog that you want me to VS. You can ID yourself as whomever you want m'dear sweet artistic friend. But give me a heads up as to your area code so I know that it's you calling. If you leave a comment at my blog, I get your email addy and can correspond w/you privately on this topic, as many people wish to retain their anon personage whilst talking on radio type shows. 😉

  12. If I had a buck for every time I said 'um' I could fly to Paris for a week. 😉Have you ever heard of John McGivern? He's a comedian who grew up in Milwaukee, moved to Hell-A for a while as a stand-up, and has now moved back. Great, funny, storyteller type. A couple of years ago, I took a class he taught in storytelling; after a few weeks, we all got up on stage to tell our stories. It was great fun, and went a long way to eradicating the 'umms' from my speaking. Not entirely, as you may tell from the podcast.The cursing is still in there though.

  13. The "uncertainty" that causes so much incontinence on Wall Street is fear that their NEXT prefab crash won't come with an automatic bailout … or worse, that some enterprising folks will start handing out Hedge Fund Manager Hunting Licenses.

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