I Can Haz Happiness Nao?

If you check my blogroll, you’ll notice I link to a place called man boobz, which in turn links to a lot of loathsome, woman-hating stuff . I started the day, between scrambling to feed and take of my babby (who decided to get up at 4 in the morning) reading this (via reddit) and this (via Whiskey Fire). So, basically every day I take in a lot of gloom and doom liberalism/feminism (two things that are inextricably linked…or should be). And, frankly, I’m not sure how much more of this I can take. I need to know that these are the last gasps of sociopaths, as they come to understand that the world is changing…and will never change back into the utopia it never was. I need to know that these people are in the minority. I need to know that most people are kind and compassionate. I need to know that most people know it is women and minorities who’ve been oppressed, not white men. I need to know that black is black and not white. That up is up.

Gah. I feel sad today.

Also, this ad campaign has convinced me to never drink Dr. Pepper again.

Who came up with this? 6-year-old boys in a club house that has a sign that says “No Girls Allowed,” with a backwards “s?” I mean, fuck me. Why go to all this trouble? Why not just say “GIRLS HAVE THE COOTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIES!!!!!”


29 thoughts on “I Can Haz Happiness Nao?

  1. People always tell me "If it makes you sad or angry, then why immerse yourself in it?" I don't have a better answer then "I'm merely improving my target discrimination skills". So I can relate.I thought the same thing when I saw that commercial during the football games. But the one that has been just KILLING me is the woman in the greenhouse when the little dork husband comes in to tell her he just signed them up for infinite free calling or some such shit and she snarls vituperatively "Where's THAT money coming from, Steve?" and he starts to cry but manages to tell her that "it was free".That this bitter, loveless, hostile marriage is the common condition is not news, but being forced to observe the intimate dysfunction is uncomfortable, and whoever decided this would make me want to buy their shit really doesn't understand the role of human motivations in a marketing campaign…

  2. The real target of a lot of advertising campaigns is not the prospective consumer, but the prospective next client for the advertising agency. I mean, if you're running an agency, you want to win advertising-industry awards and be covered in the industry journals, these being what the clients use when deciding who to hire. And you manage that by spending your current client's money on campaigns that are Edgy, Innovative, Conceptual and Controversial… not on campaigns that sell the client's product [I don't think anyone actually measures that anyway].I don't spend too much time looking for deeper social meanings in advertising campaigns.

  3. That greenhouse commercial.after the nauseating sexist tropes wore off, it struck me that the guy was all proud that he got free messaging…which he got by signing them up for the unlimited calling plan.So, YES, he did sign up for a plan that was probably more costly than their current one. Phone companies do not tend to give their services away.Desn't make the commercial any better, because the whole thrust of it is the free messaging.Yes,I have thought about that commercial far too much, but in my defense it is A-FUCKING-NNOYING.Incidentally, iOS 5 offers internet-based messaging if you're sending to someone with an iOS 5 device, so it only costs you your data transfer, rather than the phone message costs.

  4. The real target of a lot of advertising campaigns is not the prospective consumer, but the prospective next client for the advertising agency. That is also the business model for political consultants. Case in point: Mark Penn.

  5. My assumption has always been that since all girls have cooties we've all been exposed and as a result everyone either has Cooties or is a carrier.I mean, nobody's offering a childhood vaccine, and it's pretty hard to avoid contact with girls, so screw it, y'know? Once we're all infected, it's the same as no one is…

  6. "Also, when I go to manboobz, I can rarely bring myself to comment seriously on the topics or the trolls, they are so heinous. Snark and mockery is my defense"Oh totally. I have to take hiatuses from the place because while it's a humor site, it's taking the piss out of such vile stuff.

  7. THERE IS ONLY ONE ALL BLACKS. The other teams have to make up names with Black in them. The black sticks play hockey, the black ferns are the women's rugby team and the badminton team were not allowed to call themselves the black cocks (true, they wanted to).The scrabbler would be the Black Tile probably. They don't have to be black skinned Mikey just wear black clothes. So any coffee shop people could call themselves coffee blacks if they wanted to, or short blacks, or black beans or black hips.

  8. I am developing a new cure for teh COOTIES. Or at least a treatment regimen to alleviate teh worst of teh symptoms. If you are a COOTIE-infected woman, preferably a hawt mom, and are interested in participating in this thorough and in-depth study, contact me.It can be a double-blinded study if you're into that sort of thing.

  9. I've never been to "man boobz" though it sounds quite… ummm… lovely? Why would anyone hate women?? Sure, there's some b@*ches out there-there's some a-hole men too, I don't hate all of them.I'm torn between going over to the site and just staying away-out of protest of sorts. But then again, he/they probably could care less if I go or not.Dr.Pepper has become even more vile to me than it already was and that Greenhouse commercial! I'm glad to hear it's not just playing in Canada. If we have to suffer through it, so should you guys. :)((Hugs))Laura

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