Where in the World is vs?

Is she visiting amazing cities like New Yawk or LA? Is she ready to become a very polite and warmly-dressed Canadian? Is she going to two of her favorite southern towns, Charleston or Eureka Springs? Alas, NO. She is moving. A few miles north. So if she’s not around too much in the next couple days, remember this: SHE IS ALWAYS LURKING.

In other news, my email addy has changed. So if ya need it, visit my profile page and update your address books. (No unsolicited penis pictures, please.) Verizon, seriously, cannot do anything right.


11 thoughts on “Where in the World is vs?

  1. So to another fine locale in the D.C. burbs?I'm sure your traffic will be much better.;)P.S. During my recent visit out east, I went with my dad to a restaurant in Arlington. This meant driving down Wisconsin Avenue from N.W. D.C. around 4:30 pm on a Friday. About an hour to get to a restaurant 7-8 miles away.~

  2. In or around DC, I'm not sure there's such a thing as good traffic. I caught your wink!Yeah, one time, the trains were running slow. To get from our house to the restaurant in downtown DC it took over 2 hours.

  3. Thudner–don't stand too close to the obamabotz–you'll assimilate!MB–this is my one chance to RUN AWAY. AK–here's my dirty little secret: I actually AM very polite. And somewhat soft-spoken in person. Also a little shy. Not very punk, I fear.

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