RMF: Pookietronic Edition

Speaking of things that make me happy: Pookietronic!

What’s a song that makes you happy when you hear it?

Here are two that make me happy:

And what about Pookietronic? What’s he been up to?

Oh, nothin’, just…

Hangin’ out on a blue blanket, bein’ all cute and huge-headed.

Trying out a new dance move called “The Smile and Roll.”

Checkin’ out some of the local bathhouses, lettin’ his moobs hang out.

Checking out the sights.

Practicing his “coquettish” look with a blue burp cloth on his head…you know, that old chestnut.

Modeling the latest in animal-(sort of)on-head wear. 
 Listen, he’s an important baby-on-the-go, with THINGS TO DO.

58 thoughts on “RMF: Pookietronic Edition

  1. The sheer delight they have learning to do stuff, like rolling, is reason enough to have them. I remember when our daughter learnt to burp and thought it was the funniest thing inna world.DS is a bit worried about one eye not working so good in the last photo. "Ah ma, little help, here!"

  2. Wow, the baby formerly known as dudeskull sure looks strong- they way he keeps his head up just shoutsHappy song? Can't go wrong with Sweet and Dandy.Bottle of Smoke is one of my all-time favorites. Shane drops the f-bomb a lot during this one.It's funny, a lot of the music I listen to isn't particularly "happy". For some reason, most happy songs bore the hell out of me- I prefer "upbeat" songs about downbeat subject matter- this is one of my all-time favorites (bonus, the girl in the "video" looks like she could be one of your stock models).

  3. Yeah. I'm rowing the same boat as the depilated bastard. Most of the songs that make me happy would make most people suicidal or angry. I mean, just for example, the first three that come to mind areUsed to bad news – BostonEighteen and life – Skid RowBulls on Parade – RATMSo I'm thinking that this post wasn't intended for people like me, so I'll just sit over here and watch.

  4. I have never been able to get past the sense that Nick Cave is playing a gimmick. And I don't really want to buy.But for honest carnage, you can't go wrong with Zevon. What he's talking about here is what's called locally "The Battle of the Road Bridge". It was a night action on the main highway south of Kinshasa. The Bantu kept coming, and the Western Mercs (mostly Belgians) struggled all night to enforce fire discipline and effective defensive tactics on the Congolese army.Through sixty-six and seven they fought the Congo warFingers on their triggers, knee-deep in goreFor days and nights they battled the Bantu to their kneesThey killed to earn their living and to help out the Congolese

  5. I used to room w/ a feline named Pookie. The subject of companion animals came up at work, someone asked what my cat's name was, I said "Pookie," & one of the Pilipino guys informed me that "pookie" is the Tagalog word for "pussy," but not as in kitty-kat, tee hee. Now you know.Also familiar w/ Redd Kross, 'cause they're LOCAL!!

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