Get Me Drunk

My Birfday is tomorrow.  I prolly will not have a wild shindig with m’self because a.) it’s a Thursday and b.) I have a babby to think of…but I do plan on partying, as it were, this weekend. And I wanted to try something other than “blah blah on the rocks.”

At my old blog, I challenged folks to come up with their own “Wolvertinis.” As in “WOLVERINES!ELEVEN!!!!111”

So, how do you make a Wolvertini?


82 thoughts on “Get Me Drunk

  1. Mixed drinks are a loser's game. You're putting a bunch of wasteful fluids & often too many sugars in your system, resulting in extra trips to the bathroom, more likelihood of a hangover & so on.Hard likker, on the rocks. (The cooling effect of the ice makes it go down easier. There are cool things that won't dilute your drinkie if you're that picky.)

  2. If it was my birthday and I wasn't hopelessly broke, I would insist upon good Single Malt Islay Scotch. Laphroaig is a personal favorite, but the Port Ellen, when you can get it, is sublime. The Bruichladdich has gone weak-kneed, but the original Port Charlotte still gets an annual bottling and is worth a look around the intert00bz…

  3. If you must mix, what could be better than Irish coffee à la Bouffant, made w/ espresso & Everclear? (Everclear may not be legally available in your state. Do not settle for the 151 proof, demand the 190!) Garnish w/ a dollop of Reddi-wip®; if you're lucky enough to have enough friends who will come to your party you can use the whole can & then snoot the propellant.Suggestion from school days: High proof likker (151° rum maybe) Seven-Up® & Hawaiian Punch® concentrate. Mix until the sweetness hides the booze flavor & pour into a punchbowl. The co-eds were literally passed out in the dorm halls.

  4. Back before you could get everclear in California, we used to stock up on the foul substance in Nevada, where it was incredibly cheap. A fair number of (worthless, it should be noted) lives were lost on various Northern California beaches to the toxic affects of pure grain alcohol.Up North here, our approach to punch was quite different from Bouffants. We would make a gentle wine punch, hardly threatening at all, and then dump in entire blotters, sugar cubes and even, when cool guys showed up with it, vials of liquid LSD. The punch was pleasant, refreshing, delicious and had the potential on any given night to be life-changing…

  5. Best drink for a birthday you wish you forget:Smash 2 quarters of lime in tall glass. Add 2 shots of good quality vodka. Ice to the top, then club soda.Stir with a straw and put a padlock on the zipper of your jeans. Or don't.Either way, post pics or don't even talk to me.

  6. oh…i had vodka, soda and limes last nite..dammit…no pics! and yes, mb…mixes are bad, bad, bad…cept lately, i have been gulping the frigging martinis and getting smashed…no self control, me…so in order to be in prime shape for tomorrow evening, i am pacing myself w/the soda and vodkas…wolverines are mean, right? so i would make a wolvertini out of peppar vodka, tish of vermouth and a twist…mmmmmm

  7. Smash 2 quarters of lime in tall glass. Add 2 shots of good quality vodka. Ice to the top, then club soda.THANK YOU! That's all I wanted! And, actually, it sounds really good. I might put in a dash of Rose's Lime to sweeten it a little. And pictures? We shall see. 😉

  8. You know what's even better than blah blah on teh rocks? Fuck teh rocks. You wanna get your rocks off, you gotta get teh rocks out. Sure there's some shit that burns on teh way down if it ain't chilled with frozen water – but teh burn is your friend. Teh burn lets you know that, despite it all, you are still alive. WE DON'T NEED NO ICE, LET THAT MOTHERFUCKER BURN.BTW, WV wants to know what happens after we get you drunk – offers teh suggestion lucki.

  9. I is listening to Tinariwen for you VS.An Australian Shiraz wine is pretty good for a warm smasheroo drunk, where you get up to walk and, dayam!, your legs do not work, one slides gracefully and lovingly to the floor.

  10. TIME TO START DRINKING….not for me, though. I have a short volunteer stint, training on Autodesk Inventor….although considering the quality of Autodesk products, perhaps going in hammered is not a bad idea. I can take a thermos of Wolvertinis!

  11. Autodesk, the 'makers' of AutoCad, and other bloated horrors of software, considered to be the 'standard' in the 'industry'.Also, hideously expensive. A single copy of ACad is over 3000 dollars. Multiple copy discounts? It is to laugh.

  12. The aggravating thing about Autodesk is that years ago, they made much about dropping the Mac version, when everybody was saying on a daily basis that Apple was dead and the Mac was the Betamax of the computing world.Of course, us Mac users simply found other alternatives, and helped develop some stellar AutoCad competitors.And a couple of years ago, they made a big deal of coming back to the Mac. And we yawned.Actually, I have an educational version of AutoCad on my Zombook. I have reviewed the marketing materials and some tutorial videos, and am struck by the new inclusions in the program.What I am struck by is that most of these 'advances' are things I have been using for a couple of years in the CAD program I use.

  13. BTW, I just have to say this, since I get self-concious about it sometimes…I know I'm not the first person to have a baby. I know I'm not the first person to realize taking care of a baby is hard work. I know that I entered into this with a decent amount of privilege (being pretty ok, financially and white and all), I know that being able to stay home with the babby–while I will stress is underappreciated and hard work–would be a luxury for some people. So I want everyone to know that when I vent, I am just venting. And it's not without awareness that I could sound really whiny to people. I guess…I'm just doing my best here is what I'm trying to say.

  14. It was my birthday yesterday, but the party will be tonight after softball. I will celebrate with Barbencourt Rum over ice with a bit of dihydrogen oxide and the juice of half a key lime. I will be sure to have one extra in honor of vs' birthday!

  15. Many happy returns. (And hoping you don't have to return much of your swag.)WV sez you are a foxianch. So soon after budding?P.S.: Badgers? Does no one have a scroll wheel on their mouses?

  16. I guess…I'm just doing my best here is what I'm trying to say.I don't think that that is an issue with anyone who comments here regularly. As far as I am concerned anyone who doesn't turn into Hunter S.Thompson when their babby is born is doing pretty bloody well.

  17. anyone who doesn't turn into Hunter S.Thompson when their babby is born is doing pretty bloody well. I for one would have been seriously concerned if the Frau Doktorin had turned into Hunter S. Thompson, what with the guns and the consuming of other people's drugs which might be left in the refrigerator.

  18. Sorry, VS. Shouldn't rub it in. Make Mr. Slayer take duty when he gets home and take no guff. Beat him about the head and neck with blunt instruments if you have to; fair is fair.Also, Dennis is the only one that thinks you are a bad mother if you have a glass of wine or something in the afternoon while giving Dudeskull awesome attention and internet time.

  19. Aww, thanks, zrm. Looks like I'm FINALLY fucking off-duty. So far my b-day has been taking care of babby nonstop. Oh, and last night I gulped down a bunch of vodka while watching "Community." Woo-hoo.

  20. Killing pigs is awesome. They're like tanks made of delicious pork meat. You can shoot them repeatedly with large caliber handguns and they only get angry and try to kill you. The crazier and more chaotic it gets, the more you have to shut it out and concentrate and place your shots. And if he's still functional and homicidal when you have to throw a reload, well THATS when we find out if you did your homework.That said, they're gross inside. They don't so much digest as just eat everything they can find and let it rot in their stomachs. Gutting them is an…experience.But it all leads to the most spectacular bacon, sausage, chops and steaks. If you think you've had pork, but you haven't eaten a wild pig with a good diet (acorns are a VERY good choice) I'd encourage you to make friends with hunters.

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