RMF: Hey THANKS Edition

So, one of the reasons I ask people about their musical tastes is because I’m hoping to poach music from them. I am ALWAYS open to finding new music, and my taste runs the gamut from classical to electronica.  Music appreciation being the super-personal, subjective thing it is, I find myself being unimpressed with roughly 95% percent of other people’s stuff. What can I say? I’m a picky asshole discerning woman. That being said, I have discovered some gems since I started hanging around you plebes. Thank you for them!!!!

T&U introduced me to this. I think it’s haunting and gorgeous. It’s one of those songs that creeps into your bones and becomes a part of your skeleton.

Whale Chowder introduced me to this extraordinarily-accessible and sexy blues song.

Another Kiwi blew my mind when he introduced me to these Libyan guitarists. I heard it and I was like, “I want 5 vats of this to rub on my face!!” Such gorgeous, evocative stuff.

So, I just listened to this last night…and only because Substance said it had an ear-gouging guitar solo. And it does, but the song is pretty amazing and right up my alley. So I’ve downloaded it.

So, anyway, THANKS EVERYBODY!!! And, I was wondering: what songs do you love that were introduced to you by someone else?




26 thoughts on “RMF: Hey THANKS Edition

  1. BBBB most recently turned me on to this Hedningarna band. In fact, I would expect him to stop by and harsh on you for not including them:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cARpIQvGVbA&feature=relatedBrando turned me on to Ollabelle, he is friends with one of the band members:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLJ_JpGBSKIStephen King turned me on to Slobberbone:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqHYylnwd8Y&feature=list_related&playnext=1&list=AVGxdCwVVULXcdUCYIyQ03I2hFKwLzIRyIRolling Stone turned me on to the Mekons:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JH-gDKwD1kU

  2. Other than The Mentors, of whom I first heard when Lisa Adams told me "They sound like KISS [Not that I like KISS, mind you. — M.B.] except 90% of their songs are about butt-fucking," it's mostly been from the radio (Can't remember specifics other than "underground"/FM radio once being where you could hear new & interesting tunes.) random chance in record stores (bought the first Mothers of Invention album on the basis of the cover*) or reading CREEM, America's Only Rock & Roll Magazine, Fusion, or even (WHEN IT WAS GOOD! Or tolerable, really.) Rolling Stone. Literacy is important (especially if one is an only child w/ few meat-space acquaintances): The first Doors album & the first Steppenwolf album had tunes I liked that were written by a W. Dixon; when I was perusing discs at Discount Records on The Ave. in Seattle's U District, I came across Howlin' Wolf's "Rocking Chair" album &, seeing that nine of the twelve tracks were composed by this W. Dixon, I took a chance & blew $3.79 on it. Good move.*The list of influences inside that puppy suggested many swell aesthetic experiences, not all of them musical.

  3. BBBB most recently turned me on to this Hedningarna band. In fact, I would expect him to stop by and harsh on you for not including them:Not being into Hedningarna is its own punishment! Isn't the entire album fantastic? The drumming in the song you linked (Tuuli) is fantastic.I've been listening to a lot of Devo lately (gotta do a Devo post to get Laura up to speed on Akron's finest. Gut Feeling is one of my faves by them- I also rate for Uncontrollable Urge.

  4. Hmm. I don't listen to people much.Warren Zevon taught me music could speak to my personal demons.Later Rage Against the Machine taught me that it could simultaneously speak to my soul. (Fer crissakes, what do you think a "pocket fulla shells" IS?)Thin Lizzy taught me to respect the Euro-centric viewpoint, Taxxi and Sweet taught me that asphalt is the same as dirt, Megadeth and Rancid taught me that music has complexity, the Who taught me that musicians are poets, Journey and Boston taught me that music was the gateway drug to sex.Oh. And "Jeannie Needs a Shooter". That was a moment in time.

  5. I just noticed the new Vacuumslayer slogan. "Can's stop being a rainbow".Nice. Reminded me of that foul, hopeless summer of 2005. As the raw footage started coming in from New Orleans, with the bloated bodies and hopelessness and the brutality of the federal response just hung there, with its implied hate and bureaucratic disinterest, I turned down the sound on the teevee and played this song over and over. And my heart broke a thousand times.

  6. I pleased that you like Tinawerin I gotta say they would be near the top of the 'recent discoveries' list for me. I can't remember who it was, but may be His Zombieness, that posted The Stone Roses, 'I wanna be adored' but the next day I saw a CD of theirs in the library and got it out. Now I loves them, swoon for them even.Thanks whomsoever it was

  7. Incidentally, AK, if you like the Stone Roses much, have you checked out the Field Mice? There's a retrospecttive called "How'd You Learn To Kiss That Way" that is quite fine, but all their stuff (they were tragically kind of shortlived) is really pretty good, and most has been re-released.Here's End Of The Affair:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sgvPoRAJ08they split up and some of them went on to form Trembling Blue Stars, who are also worth checking out.In fact, any bands released during that period by the short lived Sarah Records are very worthwhile.Oh heck, here are a couple more. September's Not So Far Away:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkmJzo8CktA&feature=relatedEmma's House:http://youtu.be/sIppK6kDCUMall very twee and british and whiny, so VS can ignore them. But don't take it the wrong way, they also ventured into some noisier Galaxie 500 territory and even some techno.

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