Mitch Daniels Has an Anal Baby

Dudeskull has a new hobby: escaping from the pillow gulag I construct around him for Tummy Time. He is having NONE OF IT. Thus spends the entire time grunting and straining and trying to zomg get away from it NOW!!!

(Important safety note: I have a free hand ready to grab him at all times.)

To piss off all the Packer or Patriots or whatever fans out there, ONE MOAR STEELERS FAN!:

Now, as you know, I thought anal babies–that is, babies that are born via butt–were just a myth. But here is proof that they do happen… because Mitch Daniels appears to be giving birth to one in this video:
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Exclusive – Mitch Daniels Extended Interview Pt. 1
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Watch and enjoy his discomfort, like a fine brandy!


21 thoughts on “Mitch Daniels Has an Anal Baby

  1. Just wait until he figures out he can use both arms and legs to move himself. There will be no stopping him!Hope you've started babyproofing now.w/v thinks the cure for my snake-y personality is boacilin.

  2. it is possible to recreate your birth each morning by crawling out of a giant vag and into the worldDoes this involve 12 hours of pain and unbearable pressure so one is extruded like human toothpaste? Then held upside-down and slapped on the butt? That last part is part of my routine already so I am not impressed.

  3. Blogger vacuumslayer said… Yo.Sigh. Yeah, I knew it was you. I was trying to make a joke about what a horrible person you are, because, you know, LAUGHING AT A POOR DEFENSELESS WEE BABBY.Sigh. I suppose I can start footnoting my jokes. If someone will spot me a foot.Sigh. Also.

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