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At the risk of sounding cartoonishly melodramatic, I actually pondered giving up art for a bit when I saw this piece yesterday:

Sulfur V

I haven’t made anything this superb, well, ever…but actually–and more importantly– I haven’t made anything I’ve really liked in probably a year. It’s so depressing. I just feel all locked up creatively. But last night while I was lying in bed thinking about things,  some ideas–ideas that actually excited me–started to bubble up. I may not go all emo ex-artist on you yet.

Check out this gallery. It is just…breathtaking. To me, anyway. It’s just that her stuff is right up my alley. It speaks me to me. Actually, when I look at her work I liken the feeling I get to being punched in the heart. It just knocks the wind out of me, in a great and terrible way.

In other news, ya know how I know Another Kiwi loves me? He sends me shoes!!! Check this out:

But it will they make your feet smell good?


One thing I can’t figure out is why so many alternative/indie outfits have male lead singers with the most annoying, insipid voices. Seriously. It’s a problem and it’s one of the reasons I don’t download more stuff in this particular vein. Also…jesus…why do so many indie and electronica artists have the most buttfuck-ugly album covers?Is it a rule or something?


45 thoughts on “Open Thread

  1. Incredibly interesting week at the UN ahead. The mainstream Palestinian political leadership appears to have embraced two critical historical lessons.1. Armed resistance only empowers the Likud/Israeli Political Right – driven occupation and settlementsAnd2. America will never be a genuine broker for a viable peace agreement.If there is a vote in the Security council, the US has a historic opportunity to truly change the dynamic, but almost certainly will lack the political courage to merely abstain and will veto the statehood request. The General Assembly will then overwhelmingly vote to offer Palestine "Observer State" status, exactly the same status as the Vatican. The key is the word "state", which will provide the PA with access to various international bodies including the ICC in The Hague. This, understandably, is seen as a serious problem in Tel Aviv.But in the last couple years, the endgame has become clear to the entire world except the US. The occupation of the West Bank will end and the settlements will be (partially) rolled back in exactly the same manner as apartheid ended in South Africa. When the entire world, speaking with one voice politically, diplomatically, culturally and economically stands up and says "we will tolerate this outrage no more".This week is an important step toward that outcome…

  2. Dude, I don't get to do anything two-handed these days. My arms are gonna be cut, because as my lovely SIL put it, my son is "solid." Also too, happy for ya re: new album. I'm sure you're just champing at the bit.

  3. I've had an incredibly frustrating set of email exchanges with my conservative friend. I won't bore you with all the details but I will say we once again talked past each other and I once again found myself wondering how it is possible for two guys with not-that-different life experiences and backgrounds to see the world so completely differently.And then I sort of despair of ever finding any sort of common ground.On the bright side, these guys put a smile on my face today.

  4. Get yerself some rose shoes, Zombie.VS, Merc told me "Ask yourself, can you really give it up?" I can't and I think you might be the same. There will always be people doing other stuff that is awe-inspiring, it's a big world.Indie music, maybe, that I luv at the moment is St. Vincent

  5. AK, that's an interesting song. I think it would take a few listens for me to get into it, but I'm kinda intrigued. I know I shouldn't get freaked out by stuff like this, but sometimes when I see stuff that that's beautiful, it's more paralyzing than joyful for me. Why can't I be normal?

  6. I am SO VERY VERY IRATE RIGHT NOW because U-verse is unable to provide a reliable gateway connection to the internet.I MEAN IT'S NOT AS IF WE ARE NOT PAYING A SHITLOAD EVERY MONTH FOR A RELIABLE CONNECTION.Fuck. Fuck them. Fuck the person that thought we should switch, first from Erthlink DSL, then to a bundled Time/Warner package, then to U-verse.EVERY ONE OF THOSE FUCKING CHANGES WAS FOR THE WORSE.If I had been the impulse for any of those changes, I would be willing to accept the blame.

  7. Many, many years ago, driving a lumber truck in Marin County, I delivered a load of plywood and KD Redwood to the 'Supertramp' house in Mill Valley.They were very nice to me. We walked around the property, ate bread and cheese and got stoned. For a truck driver, life was very good…

  8. "Pull up the branches and tear out the rootsThat's the part I like the best.""I wanted to say fall in loveI wanted to say fall in love with meI wanted to say fall in love"yea, I am listening to Mekons playlist and drunk, wanna make something out of it?Here, have a drink.

  9. Total zen, thinking losers: There is nothing on or in my mind, & that's the way I like & want it.OK, one thing: Why low expectations for sopranos? They are excellent for wailing, & sound better than any indie/alt wuss frontman.

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