RMF: Your Impeccable Taste

Last week we all bared our ugly souls with our embarrassing (ok, some of us weren’t embarrassed, but I sure was) pleasures. This week, I’d like to do the exact to the opposite and share music I think speaks well of my taste, and I want you to do the same. The trick is to choose songs you genuinely DROOL over, not just songs you think make you look cool.

Here are some of my very very very favorite songs
. I tried to limit this playlist to 10. Couldn’t.

It was fun making that list at youtube. I had never made one before. If you have the time/inclination, you should make one, too!


58 thoughts on “RMF: Your Impeccable Taste

  1. As we are just two days away and this seem an appropriate blog for this:9-18-70 Never Forget!All Along the Watchtower "I liked Jimi Hendrix's record of this and ever since he died I've been doing it that way… Strange how when I sing it, I always feel it's a tribute to him in some kind of way." – Bob DylanThe Wind Cries MaryPurple HazeIf 6 Was 9Dolly Dagger For the manipulative witches in the audience.House Burning DownStill Raining, Still Dreaming My personal favoriteRed HouseSunshine of Your LoveSome Hendrix Covers I like:Room Full of MirrorsCastles Made of SandVoodoo Child And you probably thought we'd get through this without bagpipesAnd to finish, a Christmas themed parodyHolidaze 'Scuse me I've got gifts to buy

  2. Why pick just one, zrm?Teh Canuckistani outposts of 5guys does not have that topping as an option. But they should.I don't think I listen to any music that speaks well of my tastes. Or if I do, I don't recognize 'em. It's been almost a year, and I am still listening to Tiger Suit, but I've probably already bored everyone with my Tunstall obsession. Instead let me share with you the puzzlement about why Carol Welsman isn't moar popular. Also, too she looks kinda familiar.

  3. Do I need to list anything other than the Mekons?I'm starting to think these Mekons people should perhaps be concerned. Be honest: you're stalking them, aren't you?Also, I rate for 5 Guys, unless you've got some pretty amazing pizza close by.

  4. Also, I rate for 5 Guys, unless you've got some pretty amazing pizza close by.she says at 5 PM, LONG after I made the call, and well after I started drinking.We had a local burger shop, Bella's Fat Cat, right across the street from the 5Guys; much better, but they went down just before the 5Guys opened.Sobelman's Tallgrass just opened a short distance away, though, and I have been meaning to give them a try. If nothing else, Hooligan's on North Avenue has good pub food and EXCELLENT beer selections.

  5. It's been A DAY.fucking tell me about it. Woke up to an email from a client letting me know that final payment on a project, that has been outstanding for 45 days already, will be 30-45 days out further.At least I made a couple of phone calls for some minor work to go forward. However, that will be at least 60 days out, by the time I do the work, bill for it, and they sit on it the customary 30 days. Hmpf. Maybe I can get a retainer.DRINKING.

  6. Geez. Sorry, zrm. i know it's been rough (to put it mildly) recently.yeah. talked to a real estate guy today, he wants me to design him a new house SOMETIME (we started it about three years ago, he put it on hold).He kept talking about how we have a rough ride still ahead. O good, Pete, just hold on while I find this really sharp knife.

  7. He's a wingnut. Wouldn't matter. As long as he felt ashamed, it would be ok. I PROMISE YOU. Wingnuts don't care if you're gay…so many of them are closeted. They only care if you don't feel shame for it. If you "cure" yourself and say it was a one-time sinning, it's all good.

  8. I know. Look at Dubya's AWOL background. And then he showed up wearing his flightsuit the wrong way and Chris Matthews orgasmed. And spit.That was some tingle!! But, as much as Tweety loves bowing to power, I bet he didn't masturbate to the sight, unlike conservatards.

  9. OK, I am liking this'n a lot lately, partly to counteract its unfortunate use in boner adverts.This is on the bookmarks bar, so I needn't open other BMs to get to it. My favorite version of all available on the web.Spear in dub.Righteousness. Not self-righteous.First "free jazz" number I ever heard; I was sold on the whole thing immediately, 'cause them cats WAIL!Like this one 'cause it name-checks me (non-abbr. legal name) & a one-time friend & sexual associate. Tells a story.Charlie Parker.Blah blah. A million more, but my time is precious so I'm just working from bookmarked tunes.P.S.: Here is THUNDER.

  10. yeah, fuck em all. REAL punks pay their own fucking music, never mind if you can play or write.The ethos of the Mekons.Also, every indigenous music ever. Which, when society collapses we will revert to, so practice those chords now, boyos!I am well situated because I have an acoustic guitar and a mandolin and an bitter, lonely attitude.Also, MB's name is Charles, or Grinning Boy?

  11. OK, I'm on the road, up north, trying to find an answer, so I don't have the bandwidth either literally or figuratively to find the links. And frankly, some of these are kind of obscure so they might not even exist in any kind of usable form. But if you take the time to find and perhaps buy or steal these, you will be well served:Bush SwallowedElton John High Flying BirdWarren Zevon VeracruzFleetwood Mac Blue LetterBoston (Delp!) Used to Bad NewsI've got more. Stand by

  12. Well, I don't have my full library available, but what teh hell, here goes, and this is from my ailing zombie memory of bands that melted my fucking eyeballs with these songs in live venues:Mekons, Memphis, Egypt. Best balls-to-the-wall post-punk anti-corporate rock corporate label debut song ever. Yes, that makes sense.Soul Asylum, Cartoon. "There's a ringing in my ear that's heaven sent" indeed.Blue Oyster Cult, Career of evil.The Figgs, Something's Wrong. Aw hell, just about anything by these guys.Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, Tell Balgeary, Balgury is Dead. A song so great it showed up in my dreams.Genesis, Abacab. Melted my eyeballs and at least one amp.Violent Femmes, Country Death Song. I saw them debut this song before the second album came out. AMAZING and frightening.Heartless Bastards, The Mountain. a mix of Sonic Youth, Heart, and Led Zeppelin, I have NEVER been able to turn this one up loud enough. Fortunately, I saw them at Turner Hall and was able to stand right up front.Drivin n Cryin, Scarred But Smarter. Local boy Kevn Kinney; I always wonder when the scarring stops.Boomtown Rats, Nothing Happened Today.Replacements, Here Comes A Regular.Clash, London Calling. CAN it be loud enough? That fucking dirty river.REM, Drive. Unbelievable video.Johnny Cash, Hurt. BEST FUCKING VIDEO EVER….there are more, there are always more, but these are off the toppa my head. Further updates as events and drunkenness warrants.

  13. When I am not on an evil iPhone and providing I have some time to myself soon, I will be searching and clicking my way through all these songs. Thanks, ereebodee! Except for Substance. Who is banned.

  14. Eff you, Warner Music Group!!!1!I feel I must post this song, by one of my great and good friends.I love Phyllis Dillon's version of Perfidia– don't get much better than that.I convinced zombie to buy Hedningarna's album- the song Gorrlaus is sultry as hell. Sure, you don't know what the ladies are saying, but you know what they're saying, if you know what I'm saying…Also, this song is great, it's by a really good band called the Mekons, but I seem to be the only person who's ever heard of them. *DUCKS*

  15. I was gonna go through all these songs this afternoon, but I got inspired by this amazing piece of art today, so I'm making something myself. Something that won't be incredibly lame, I hope.

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