"Read teh Constitution" he said before he barfed–Paul Ron 20BLAAAaaahhhhhr!!!ONE!1

So much awesome:

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Ron Paul 2012
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Bad news, teatards: We’re making new Colbert fans all the time. Oh look, here’s one now…

Dudeskull meets Stephen

Dudeskull is pleased with what he sees and hears…SO FAR
Don’t worry, Dudeskull, he’s just pretending to be conservative

Quiet contemplation is the right reaction to Paul Krugman

16 thoughts on “"Read teh Constitution" he said before he barfed–Paul Ron 20BLAAAaaahhhhhr!!!ONE!1

  1. I really do appreciate the fact you're going GaltThe country is in ruins and it's all the liberals' faultRon Paul will fix it and let me keep this gun I toteSo why don't we get drunk and voteWhy don't we get drunk and voteThe constushun will save usI know ammendment 2 by roteSo why don't we get drunk and vote

  2. One cannot help but to stand transfixed by an ideology whose very organizing principals are structured around a set of blatant falsehoods. Easily debunked falsehoods, at that.They claim to love the constitution. But then immediately launch into a rather extensive list of things they HATE about the constitution, from the direct election of Senators to birthright citizenship.They claim to hate 'activist' judges, but their minimal critereon for selecting candidates for the bench is a willingness to ignore precedent and even, when necessary, legislation, and draw rigid legal boundries around all manner of human behavior, from reproductive health to fashion.They claim to hate "big government", but at every turn they are petitioning, nay, demanding that government use taxpayer funds to build centralized bureaucracies to enforce a weird sort of theocratic/corporatist/authoritarian kind of ideology at the most intimate levels of granularity, from the family to the doctors office…

  3. Oh yeah, teh Neglect-o-matic.I WISH. Dudeskull is a rather high-maintenence child, who is not long amused by anything. Believe me when I say I earn my keep around here. Hell, I haven't brushed my teeth yet. Sure, I could brush my teeth now, but then I WOULDN'T BE BLOGGING.

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