Experiment 1: New Socks

One thing that annoys Mr. Slayer about me is that I will think nothing of dropping a couple hundred bucks on a handbag, but will wear a pair of socks until they’re gray and have holes in them.

I recently bought some new socks–LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!

My toes cannot be constrained in some cotton prison!!!

Experiment 2: Weird “Cajun” Food

I don’t waste food. So even when the cupboards are starting to look bare, I use what’s there. Well, I had some Andouille sausage that had been sitting in my fridge for couple of weeks…some wild-caught salmon I had a hankering for. So I decided to combine them in a dish. The results were interesting.

I know some of you are already grossed out by what you’re reading, ‘cuz you’re thinking these two ingredients are a mismatch, and you’re right. But I was so tired of doing the same old shit with salmon…and the only recipes I could find for Andouille were variations on Jambalaya. Yawn. So took a risk and it was semi-successful. But I’m still happy I made the dish, because elements of it were spectacular.

So, anyway, I cubed the Andouille and browned it in a pan. Next I added the Trinity and sweated them. I then added some typically Cajun spices like cayenne and paprika and garlic powder. I deglazed the pan with chicken stock. I let these elements simmer together to let the flavors meld. Then I poached the salmon in the liquid. I served the salmon and sauce over fried polenta rounds with some fresh parsley and a squeeze of lemon.

Here’s the thing: it was really tasty. But it was also kind of weird. The dish would have been amazing had it not been for the discordant note of salmon, but instead had been served with a flash-fried catfish or some white fish. Even better? Skrimp… or leave the ocean out entirely and just serve the Andouille-chicken stock sauce over crisped polenta rounds.

Oh well. Lesson learned. Hey, it sure looked pretty.

Served with a side of Haricot Vert and Cherry Tomatoes with olive oil and Old Bay

Experiment 3: Combining Mediums in Order to Blow Minds

This is a picture by moi

And this is poem by Another Kiwi:

Crazy mummer

Lust, the half remembered Harlequin,
steps up behind you on cat feet,
and whispers:
“That’s a bit of all right”.
Then saunters off,
leaving you, red eared
at the deliciousness
of the sin.
Monsieur Love is there then,
with convoluted, courtly manners
and elegant fol-de-rols.
He inspects the top of his walking cane
and asks you:
“What did they mean when they said
‘Hello’ and ‘Nice day’?”
Then he goes to read his mail.
Finally there is Mr. Punch
with his slap-stick
and belled hat.
But all he says is “Putcha!”.
Not much help in that.
So the play moves on
and you are trapped inside.
Foil to the actors,
unsure of your next line.
While desperately,
playing for time.

Think they go well together?


20 thoughts on “Experiments

  1. So:1) file your toenails after you cut them, to remove the sharp, rough edges. Your sox will thank you.1a) Your socks don't match.2) What media did you mix to create that sexy, sexy, image?3) I'm not usually a poetry appreciator but that one by AK makes ya think4) If you'd put these thoughts up as separate posts your post count would be higher. Yes, I keep my foods separate on the plate, why do you ask?

  2. I had some Andouille sausage that had been sitting in my fridge for couple of weeks."Andouille is a spiced, heavily smoked pork sausage, distinguished in some varieties by its use of the entire gastrointestinal system of the pig. For example, traditional French andouille is composed primarily of the intestines and stomach."

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