Random Music Friday: Guilty Pleasures Edition

OK, so I’m issuing a challenge. I want you to link to a song you really feel guilty about liking. I mean, really. Not “oh, this is cool but I’m pretending it’s dorky so I’ll still look like a supa-stah!” but really really awful and dorky.

I will go first. Because I kind of have to. But you have no idea how much it pains me to put this shit on display. Not only will the Cool Table be verboten to me, it may actually issue a restraining order against me.

OK, this first song is just awful. There’s no getting around it. Even while I like it for the sick reasons I like it, I recognize that it’s just not a very good song.  It’s smarmy, it’s cheesy, it’s just fucking BAD. But for some reason the lyrics and the breathy, macho way the lead singer sings sucks me in. I’m a sick person.

Well, my girl’s in the next room
Sometimes I wish she was you
I guess we never really moved on
It’s really good to hear your voice saying my name
It sounds so sweet
Coming from the lips of an angel
Hearing those words it makes me weak

Would you like to lose still more respect for me? Good! I can go all day!

This song I discovered because it was the theme song for a soap couple. This is getting off to a great start, isn’t it?!!!! At first I thought it was kind of cheesy, but then its operatic melodrama kinda won me over. Now, I actually don’t think it’s a bad song, even while recognizing its slick cheddar core.  (Also, Kaci Brown–even though she  is a shit-monger–has an amazing voice and range.)

One more. I actually think this song sucks a tiny bit, but I learned it because I enjoy singing the harmony to it. Yes, I can sing. And teach myself the harmony to songs.

Also, too–COUNTRY!

Does everybody hate me now? GOOD! You can all go fuck yourselves!

Kidding, kidding. Now you go. I dare you.


235 thoughts on “Random Music Friday: Guilty Pleasures Edition

  1. First of all, I'll post this just for D-KW.Now, I listen to all kinds of crazy stuff but I'm not embarassed about any of it. Last year our local minor league hockey team played the Toledo Walleye. When the Walleye came out on the ice the PA played Barnes and Barnes. I know it's hard to believe, but in a crowd of about 4000 I was the only one who sang along. I'll throw in this and this for good measure. W/V references a member of the allium family that grew up on a souther plantation during the civil war – Scarlic.

  2. OK, I'll do three. But as I mentioned, I've got plenty more. I've never really had any attachment to the 'album' concept (2 exceptions, Tesla's Mechanical Resonance and Refreshments The Bottle and Fresh Horses), I just kind of latch on to random songs. Usually for a piece of lyrics I like, but the right melody fires my synapses too.First, this is just endlessly charming. Makes me smile.Second, there's just a couple lines in this one that I think are beyond clever.Third, I've carried this around in my pocket for what, close to fifty years. And it still finds its way into all sorts of playlists.But as I say, I don't feel bad for liking what I like. I'm often surprised when I discover that it all doesn't have universal appeal…

  3. Confession Time: I love Bobby McFerrin.Well, there was that one song that was pretty good but then they played it on the radio 24-7 and it was a really catchy tune that stuck in evrybodies head and everywhere I went everyone was singing or humming or whistling that same tune until it just made me want to puke, but other than that one tune I love Bobby Mcferrin. That's pretty awesome.I'll go for a Luke Ski trifecta. I believe there may be some Buffy fans around. And for the Tolkien fans, you better kiss that ring bye-bye 'cause tonight I'm Stealing Like a Hobbit.

  4. Most of these are pretty predictable – I'm down with the Avril Lavigne, and the old Jackson Five is hard not to like – although it seems to me that the later Michael Jackson, post thriller maybe, would be more embarrassing. I was surprised by Substance – I figured his 'guilty pleasures' would just be more mainstream metal, maybe Megadeth or Pandora. But no, he whips out the Kelly. Wow.I'm kind of wondering now, though. Doesn't a 'guilty pleasure' have to be something fairly well known, either by a real popular band or something that got a lot of airplay? 'Cause it just seems like if it's obscure enough that people don't recognize it, you probably won't be embarrassed by it..

  5. Doesn't a 'guilty pleasure' have to be something fairly well known, either by a real popular band or something that got a lot of airplay?There's a song I like that I catch a lot grief for that may meet Mikey's standards. Are you fellas? Let's Go!

  6. Now this just goes to show how subjective the whole exercise is. I believe I have everything Sweet ever recorded, and songs like The 6teens and Little Willy and Fox on the Run occupy a prominent place in my musical experience.But I would NEVER have thought of any of that as a 'guilty pleasure'. Hell, I would have thought on the contrary, that's something that contributes to my being cool.W/V just came in and announced: peedle

  7. I will not play because EVERY FUCKING VID YOU POSTED IS FLASH. I don't even know what the fuck the playing field is. BAD VS! BAD! Captcha: prighang. Seems appropriate somehow.

  8. Pup, I screwed myself too. Because of the babby, I mostly check in via mobile devices and I can't see some of the videos. But on another note–WOO-HOO!!! I am seriously going to enjoy looking–in a pervy, voyeuristic way–at everyone's guilty pleasures when I get a chance. It's gonna be AWESOME.

  9. and all teh ABBA I listen to non-ironically. But y'all know about that already. Yeah, my horrible taste in music? Can I make it anymore obvious?re: HansonIsaac Hanson is so fucking hardcore about guitar that he's been hospitalized for it twice. Teh second time he had a rib removed so that he could keep playing.OK, I like ABBA. And I have a couple of Avril songs in my liberry. I'm not proud of this, but the heart wants what it wants. It was WEIRD looking at those pics of Hanson. They're all fucking grown up now.

  10. I don't know if this qualifies or not. I've loved it since the first time I heard it, and I loved the whole RiotGrrrrls and Kinderwhore thing a lot. But the thing is, a LOT of those bands had talent, and frankly, this one doesn't. Their later stuff, when they started to learn to play their instruments a little and had some experience writing songs, is terrible. But this one! This is a fantastic riff under a truly unique vocal performance. Play it LOUD! Your neighbors will thank you.

  11. I was completely ignorant of any of those songs, indeed I never even heard of the "artists." I am reminded of Annie Dillard's tale of the Eskimo and the missionary. I read about an Eskimo hunter who asked the local missionary priest, ‘If I did not know about God and sin, would I go to hell?’ ‘No,’ said the priest, ‘not if you did not know.’ ‘Then why,’ asked the Eskimo earnestly, ‘did you tell me?’Also too, my earlier comment seems to have been eated. I remarked that [strike]Tintin[/strike] actor and I likely have somethng in common after all: likely that neither of us can imagine you doing enything EXCEPT in a pervy, voyeuristic way.

  12. But I would NEVER have thought of any of that as a 'guilty pleasure'. Hell, I would have thought on the contrarySo you think of it as an 'innocent displeasure'? Heh, mainly I linked to that because I knew you were a Sweet fan.w/v is on your side Mikey, it's calling me a grizbill.

  13. Since I know that deep down inside you all really love this stuff but you are too embarassed to admit it, here's some bagpipe rock.Kinda goofy, kinda dorky, but ultimately, yeah, I can see listening to it when no one's around.

  14. 'Cause it just seems like if it's obscure enough that people don't recognize it, you probably won't be embarrassed by it..Yeah, I kinda agree. And, yeah, the KC thing was a mind-bender.

  15. Very disappointed in McG.; I was expecting K.C. & The Sunshine band.And I've liked that Sixpence None the Richer tune mikey does since first hearing it. Also this one, which I'd been thinking of & then saw in the Sixpence suggestions. Even "Walking on Sunshine" works for me.All I can really say, then, is that while it might not be expected of purist Negro Music-philiac moi, I don't despise all candy-pop sung by breathy-voiced dames, as long as it grooves. Also, I was sick & tired of the Spinners, The O'Jays, The Chi-Lites & so on when they were hot shit in the '70s, but that shit sounds pretty good now.Like this one for some reason too, good harmony, 'though harmonies aren't that big a thing w/ me, & for many yrs. (until I heard it again) I remembered it as even faster, which could still improve it.

  16. Not just the "groove," hooks too; I'm hooked on 'em!Also bummed by those doofuses being Xian, & I'd bet all their other tunes blow hard, but at least they aren't shoving you-know-who down anybody's throat in that one.jim, at least i.d. "OH FUCK YES" for us, as it is not available in "our country."The pipes are much better w/o stupid honkies mucking them up w/ their guitars.

  17. We've already denied the "guilt" part. At this point it's "should be embarrassed," or "surprising he'd like that, considering how good he tastes otherwise."I thought I had a single by the real K.C. in my crate o' 45s, but couldn't find it, so didn't mention it.The Sweet, more for the lyrics than the tune. Isaac Hanson is so fucking hardcore about guitar that he's been hospitalized for it twice. Teh second time he had a rib removed so that he could keep playing.Maybe someone should show him the proper way to play it. Watta looser.

  18. Saw one of the more chinless guys from the Rollers (Could probably pick him out of a line-up, but who knows which is which?) help a dude push his stalled car off the road once, so they aren't completely useless. Course the stalled car was in the Roller's way, so it's not like he's the world's greatest humanitarian, either.

  19. BTW, I'd just like to say that I think I'm a pretty fucking ballsy person for telling the world about this shite in my liberry. I would like kudos. Also, I'll just put this out there, cuz what do I have to lose? It's rare that Beyonce or Rhianna put a song out, I don't like. Or at least my ass does. In that it is helpless against the phat booty beats and MUST SHAKE.

  20. Also this one, which I'd been thinkingI love the song, and I think I would kill for Nina Persson. I don't even count this as a guilty pleasure- the funny thing is that it started as a joke by a couple of folks in a metal band.Guilty pleasure, though it would make great background music for a really violent scene in an action and/or horror movie. Guilty pleasure, who'da thunk that Tammy Wynette would sing lead vocal on a cheesy "acid house" song by a couple of self-proclaimed Discordians? I'll also cop to digging Waterloo by ABBA- it's a clever, catchy pop song. He'll just comparing a love affair to the downfall of Napoleon is brilliant.

  21. More chinless guys? Are there several chinless guys in Bay City Rollers? I'm sure it will shock you to learn I don't know a whole lot about them.Nor do I. And I won't be looking. But when I saw him I thought, chinless guy from Bay City Rollers. I think it was the chinlessness that I most recognized.Nope. Went & looked after all. (No profile shots. Wonder why?) Now I think it was the blond w/ the big teeth, 'cause the other four are generic Limey pop star brunettes I couldn't have picked out of a line up. L.A. was filthy w/ them in those days.

  22. Chinless BCR wiv blonde hair- Derek Longmire. Les Mckewon was another and Tam something was teh manager."S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night" is all I'm Sayin'Billy Joel is a guilty pleasure"Allentown", "We didn't start the Fire" and sadly "The Piano Man".*Sigh*

  23. I was living at Junkie Joe's in San Rafael, stealing cocaine, smoking freebase and selling grocery bags fulla columbian quaaludes, and the radio was playing Tom Petty's "Refugee" and Billy Joel's "You May Be Right". We never slept, and we never wore any clothes, and I used to call in and tell the night shift deejay I was "Michael, raisin' hell in san rafael" and try to make her play those songs as much as possible.

  24. But it's mostly driven by the baseball scores…I hate to say it, but it's a good time to be a Brewer fan…….which is a rare thing to say.It only makes me wonder how they are going to break our hearts this time? I said I wouldn't take them back, but here I am, planning on watching them again tonight…

  25. I know what kind of zombies it brings in.I just followed all the food, err other people, here.and now, just to make myself feel better from all the zombigotry, Imma watch "Dead-Alive":"I am a New Zealand Zoo Official, and this monkey is going to NewTown!"

  26. I should be watching something. Off to Netflix to run some mst3k. It would be funny if I did a running commentary while you did yours and we'd have some weird zombie/mst3k mashup. I just marinated some steaks. I am so looking forward to STEAK! It is better than BRANES!

  27. It would be funny if I did a running commentary while you did yours and we'd have some weird zombie/mst3k mashup. boy, if THAT isn't a pathetically obvious ploy for a Zardoz, I have never seen one.I should make you buy me a drink first.

  28. I love how the girl in it also wrote and directed (?) it. And it's all like, "I'm so pretty! Pretty pretty pretty!"Don't get me wrong. If I wrote and directed a movie, I'd do the exact same thing. But maybe with midgets.

  29. Also, you should see if they are still streaming "AAAAAAAA! Zombies!"…ultimately, Boy eats Girl is disappointing. Boy gets cured, and boy gets girl. Presumably, the eating happens after.Jennifer was played by an actress named Samantha Mumba.

  30. Samantha and Jessica sound a lot alike so your mistake was understandable.Are you drunk already?I meant that her character's name was Jessica, and I kept calling her Jennifer.Time for a Lloyd Kaufman thingie called "Die You Zombie Bastards!"Pretty sure this qualifies as hate speech.

  31. well, this one is opening with some of that 'boy eats girl' action….In a twist, the sexing teens do not die, but the bong-smoking hippies get beheaded by the guy with the scythe.And then we go to two bottle blondes, with mediocre reads of semi-scientifc blather.I need more drank for this one.

  32. "Silverlight Installation ProblemError Code: 2105You have encountered an issue specific to Microsoft Silverlight, the software used to watch movies on the Netflix website. This issue is often resolved by uninstalling and then reinstalling Microsoft Silverlight on your computer.To uninstall Microsoft Silverlight on your Macintosh computer, please follow these steps: Completely close any currently open internet browser windows. Navigate to your Hard Drive. Select Library. Select Internet Plugins. Drag Silverlight.plugin to your trash. Once you have emptied your trash, Microsoft Silverlight uninstallation will be complete.After completing the above steps, attempting to Watch Instantly on http://www.netflix.com will prompt you to reinstall Microsoft Silverlight."'SLAYER ANGRY.

  33. Hey look! Brent is starting to sprout!Hunter was looking for his friend Brent, found Brent's arm sticking up from the ground like a sapling.And teh quote itself is a classic from Dysfunctional Family Circus.So it's like a triple meta word-score joke! I WIN!!

  34. Speaking of heads, I paid McKenzie this morning to cut about 25 pounds of hair off my head.I still have a couple of inches to get to BBBB territory though. But I suspect that I would not look good with a shaved melon.I recommend it to all you other breathers though, as I don't like hair in my food.

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