Hello, 4 AM

Dudeskull was sleeping through the night ’til around 6-6:30 every morning, but has decided to get up for a feeding at 4 the past couple of nights. Boo. Boooooooooooooooooooooo. Why do I do this?

I believe Smut calls this “Gormless.” I call it “OMFGLOOKATTHATSHWEETLITTLEFAAAAACE!!!!”
Dudeskull has a couple of chins in reserve in case something happens to the first one

Oh yeah, that’s why.

BTW, my  wingin’ it-wings only turned out so-so last night. The sweet to sour ratio was not quite right. Next time–more sugar, less lime juice.

And like every good lazy blogger, I’ll leave you with a video–some of the best of ME! I mean, Louise!


13 thoughts on “Hello, 4 AM

  1. I, too, often find myself awake at four Aye Emm. But all I have to share those dark hours of despair and soul-cracking fear is my neighbor, the Ocelot…

  2. Awww, thanks, Dusty! Dudeskull has the healing power of cuteness. That way you get the news before EVERYBODY ELSE! I'm not sure how much news I'm getting from reruns of "Futurama."

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