Hey, thanks, skinny, horse-faced woman I’ve never heard of

 You know what’s funnier than the “bitches be crazy” meme? When it’s a woman espousing it.

Whitney…more like Shitney.

Whitney – Silent Treatment – Video – NBC.com

FUCKIN’ HILARIOUS, WHITNEY. I’ll watch your show…IN HELL. 

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11 thoughts on “Hey, thanks, skinny, horse-faced woman I’ve never heard of

  1. BTW, would you like a short list of things I've NEVER discussed with a man? 1.) My period 2.) TEH RELATIONSHIP. This one really fucking pisses me off because it implies that women are always desperate for some long-term commitment and men are always trying to wriggle out of one. Well, I got news for ya, WHITNEY…I've never had trouble getting men to commit to me. I'M the person with commitment issues. Shocking, no?

  2. That said, the promos for this show have given exactly zero inclination to watch it.indeed…i saw one promo so far and it made me want to drop kick her and any person who had even the teensy part in getting this show on the air…

  3. Must be good if silly gurlz don't like it.Is it fair to call her "horse-faced" if her gums aren't visible when she opens her mouth?P.S.: I don't consider it a relationship if the period hasn't yet been discussed.

  4. What MB said. Before starting anything with another person you should check that you agree on basic punctuation.W/v is "ragged" which could not possibly be less appropriate.

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