Part Redhead, All Badass

OK, so I got my hair done did. It’s red. Very, very red. Very dark red. Kinda purple in some lights. The lady who did it is lucky I am an easy-going person who does not stress about such things.

I took a picture of myself. Unfortunately the weird light played some sort of mean trick on me and made it look like my hair is just really dark brown in most spots. It is not. It is super-duper, glow-in-the-dark red. But I like this it will have to do for now. Nyah.

Admit it: I rock those aviators        

I will take a better pic at some point.


66 thoughts on “Part Redhead, All Badass

  1. If one is truly dedicated to reaching ever new heights of narcissism, one must never quit taking pictures of oneself–even if lives are at stake! ESPECIALLY if lives are at stake!

  2. I was just sitting here, doing some preliminary design sketches and contemplating going home early so I can start drinking in earnest and not deplete the office rum unnecessarily, when I receive the call to pick up Orange Lucifer from doggy day care so I will be here for a while yet. Sigh. My life is unending woe and tribulation.

  3. It's up to 71 degrees. I just finished lunch, and there's no PTI this week 'cause of the little league or some such nonsense.So I think I'll head down to the pool for a while…

  4. Shirley there is a watering hole betwixt Doggy Dare Care and teh slave pits.but sir, you misunderstand. I was going home to continue working, because the few chances I have to do design work are precious and exciting and not to be squandered. And behind schedule, of course.

  5. … and then roll my clients for drinking money.I am certain they will chalk it up to the prostitutes they visit.I mean, the prostitutes besides me.Jeez, for how much I like architecture, I sure do hate the business….

  6. Or just a .ppt using muted earthtones, a chamber music soundtrack, and eight hundred twenty slides discussing ISO standards and best practices in thin film coating and how manufacturability effects repeatability and read/write performance.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. Powerpoint makes ME SO ANGRY.not the program so much, as how badly people use it because they don't know any better.Hell, just last night, Wife Sublime was creating a digital copy of a brainstorming session that we did, and used it to do a diagram of a fish-scale chart.I could think of three different alternatives on my computer that would have worked better, but of course she toils under the whip of Redmond, so what choice does she have.It's very sad.

  8. …and pink bunny ears.You see it in all the biker bars up here.You know what ELSE is bad-ass?Top 40 radio.First of all–BANNED. Second of all, I would ABSOLUTELY wear a pair of bunny ears like Louise's. THEY ARE AWESOME.

  9. …FAKE red hair.Fakest of the fake! But being one of those pink-cheeked, freckly people I can get away with it. 😀 My life is unending woe and tribulation.Because Dudeskull had not had a nap of consequence all day, I took him upstairs to put him in his bassinet. I was so fucking tired by the time I got up there, I lay down on the bed. He started fussing, so I put him next to me and we both slept for around 45 minutes. He is now sleeping again. THANK GAWD.

  10. Rope – a Retrospective.Rope is your friend. From Sisal to Cotton to Nylon, from climbing mountains to catching bulls to strangling hookers, Rope is truly amazing, and deeply underappreciated.Rope. Win or Lose, you can't Tie without Rope….

  11. I like the red hair, but I don't believe I've seen a picture of your ass. How bad is it?Butt blogging? Has it come to this? Well, I'm working my–wait for it–ass off–to get into post-baby shape. Perhaps after a few weeks on the treadmill…which we get to have in our new house–YAY!!!!–I'll share my glorious new butt.

  12. I love dark red..and if you like it after living w/it a few days..might consider doing the highlight route..ya know..some lighter red highlights..really a neat effect! I am currently doing the natural hair color w/carmel highlights..being an old bitch..dark no longer is my friend damn it.

  13. Mekonopalypse. in which we all will waltz slowly and drunkenly to sings nobody knows…Actually, the Mekons did an album called Journey To The End Of The Night which explores the end of the world…What, like you're surprised?

  14. That's silly. The world doesn't end. Ever.Sure, after the sun dies it's a charred cinder, lifeless with neither atmosphere or oceans.And billions of years later, as the universe approaches a kind of long decline into heat death, it will be a frozen hunk of rock orbiting a dead star in a dim, dying galaxy.But it will still be here. Unlike, say, the life it nurtured that became a toxic parasite, demanding more and more resources, until, depleted, the planet stopped nurturing and began healing in the only way she knew how…

  15. Sure, after the sun dies it's a charred cinder, lifeless with neither atmosphere or oceans.As I understand, that's not the way it goes.First, that old yellow sun expands into a red giant, encompassing the inner planets. There is some dispute as to whether that will take ole Earth or not, depending on the dimensions of expansion.But if it doesn't come out this far, after that it will collapse to some kind of dwarf status. At that point, Earth becomes the Big Ice Ball.mikey is, however, right that the "world", if you define it as that third rock from the sun, will likely still be there. But all of us, and all our works, will be far gone, and so let's love the Ice Ball and party!

  16. vs;I know it's different for everybody, but my bleakest times is when I listen to the worst, and harshest music. And when I start listening to the Mekons, I know I am coming back from the depths, because they are always singing about pain and loss and horror, and still going on. They do make me cry, but they make me cry because that is sometimes necessary to move on.But remembering back to our newborn days, I would also recommend prevailing upon Mr. Slayer to allow you to get some sleep.

  17. "But remembering back to our newborn days, I would also recommend prevailing upon Mr. Slayer to allow you to get some sleep."Yeah, he's really good and accommodating. It's just that from around 6 in the morning til 5 in the evening it is just pandemonium in this house. I walk around with spit up on me. The house is a pit. The stress is just overwhelming sometimes. But I'm sure I'll find a way to cope.

  18. So VS: it gets better. He'll learn to sleep, you'll learn that a messy house isn't the end of the world (and you can't have nice things anymore anyway so you may as well get used to it).You and Dudeskull will get into a rhythm. He'll become more capable, first learning how not to spit up all the time, then drinking from his own bottle, then a sippy cup, etc. etc.The little victories, the steps along the way, will give you little highs that will help with the lows.The zombie is right: you'd be surprised how much of a difference even just a little help is. There are teenagers in your neighborhood who would be willing and able to do a "mother's helper" deal, maybe for an hour or two a couple of afternoons a week, so that you can clean or cook or read or work or just take a nap. Just somebody to watch the kid so that you don't have to. Give it some thought.The light at the end of the tunnel: I had a crappy day at work, had a mechanical issue on my bike ride home, had some jackass draft me without asking. When I got home, my daughter (who is batching it with me while Mrs. Chowder is out of town) was doing the watering, made dinner and even cleaned up after, because she had a good day and could see I hadn't.It gets better.

  19. Sheeeeeeeit does it get better. I mean totally changes. Until one day you are sitting on the lawn with your daughter and she says "Dad is this a dream or is it like, real?" Which takes you aback a little since you didn't really expect to have this conversation with her until she was at university if at all, and she is actually 4.Or your son says "Wow The Clash is really cool, dad" when he is 5 and you think that something has stuck, just something.But the first stuff is sheer bloody hard work and never seems to end. Get someone in to help if you need it, strong silent suffering is bad for everyone. If you need to chat, join up to gmail or the evil Facebook.Um, you know, hugs>>>>>

  20. Hey, thanks for the pep talks, guys. It's really nice–REALLY NICE–to know there are awesome people out there who get it. It give me the warm and fuzzies, and I am not being snarky when I say that.

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