I’d like to thank you all for telling me about the books you’re reading or have read to your mini-selves. I am totally going to go through that thread and Amazon that shit.

As a reward for your awesomeness, I’d like to give you all pressies. But I am not making this easy on myself. You see, all the pressies must be from this place. I would like to offer you all a preemptive YOU’RE WELCOME.

For Thunder, phamous pheline photographer, there’s a Cat Butt Coin Purse.

For my favorite zombie/skeleton/scary/creepy things aficionado, there’s the Hello Kitty Angry Kitty Purple Tweed Wallet. It totally has a skull on it!

B^4, I have to pat myself on the back for this one. For the nicest, coolest foodie-slash-dinosaur nerd I know, it’s the Tea Rex Tea Infuser!!!! Hell yeah!!

For my favorite poet and one of my favorite daddies, DK-W, I offer the I Heart Ninjas T-Shirt, in honor of a certain tiny, cute ultra-ninja.

For about the sweetest guy Kiwi (and brother to both Smut and Trevor, because I said so) I know, something almost equally as sweet–Yum Bots Cupcake Molds!

For SMUT Clyde, my favorite doktor and humor-wrangler (seriously, he makes me funniness his bitch), this Pinup Police Woman Handcuffs Necklace…because, well, you know…

For Sirius, who always brings me music and lunacy, there are these awesome Rubber Ducky Ear Buds!

For mikey, my favorite machete-enthusiast, A Hello Kitty Rainbow Lunchbox. Because I’m pretty sure he’ll LOVE IT!

 For M. Bouffant, my favorite fashion critic, A Betty Boop Dog Jersey.

For Trevor, my favorite new Kiwi/blogger/foodie–a Strawberry Crepe Necklace. I hope you find it more tasteful than the technicolor dessert disaster you last mentioned!

For Whale Chowder, my favorite flirter and only goddamn reader who notices that I am incredibly good-lookin’ ,  an I Heart Water Whale Bottle.

Wow, that took up a surprising chunk of time! I hope you all enjoyed your pressies!

PS–I will update this post soon to include links to all your blogs, for those of you who are blogged.

UPDATE: A pressie for Dusty,  the blogging bitch–her word!–who may even be crankier than I am! It’s the “Savin Up for Therapy Tin Bank”!


39 thoughts on “GIRL CHALLENGE!11!!!1

  1. I took a picture for you (from the past, because I knew you would create this post someday).Amazeballs. Someday all the happening young starlets will be carrying your patented Cat Flashlights ™.

  2. mikey said… Cool! Pretty sure this will fit in there nicely. August 11, 2011 4:20 PM DeleteBlogger Dragon-King Wangchuck said… Pressie for B^4.UNbelievable. Can there be any doubt that Hello Kitty is the baddest motherfucking kitty out there?

  3. Two things: If you can't take the fashion heat, don't display it in the kitchen.That aside, a possibly useful & actual (Yet still virtual.) gift for you to use as a favicon, because every time McG links to it & I see it in the tabs I think of your web log.

  4. OK, you want proper crepes Suzette (warning, involves scary flames), or will you settle for something involving ricotta, honey and maybe peches de vigne?

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