Slow Children Blogging

I’ve discovered that since I had a baby, blogging is nearly impossible. When I’m on the desktop trying to compose an entry, I’m called away–nearly every time–by Dudeskull or Mr. Slayer. So the baby cries, that’s understandable.

You must be this cute to interrupt me while I’m in the office.

But what makes me want to put my fist through the wall is when I’m trying to get 20 minutes of interruption, anxiety-free Intertubes time–because when else am I going to have time to look at Pokemon Hentai?–and Mr. S. calls me away, like, 5 times.

The pink creature must be German.

I’ve hinted around that it’s REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING by asking when I go in, “Is there anything else I can get you while I’m in here?” but the hint seems not to have been taken, as I still get called away from the desktop at least twice every time I try to log some Intertubes time. So, trying  to blog is almost nerve-wracking these days. I’m typing on eggshells, waiting for the interruption.

Which explains why I make mistakes like this every time I blog:

Stephen Colbert: God, not vermin

So, please bear with me. I reckon it has to get better at some point.

BTW, do you know how weird it is to see “erotic Pokemon” in my search window?

Poke mon? I barely know him!

My searches are always exeedingly boring. YES! A search history that finally has reason to be scrubbed!


16 thoughts on “Slow Children Blogging

  1. First of all, the PokeER man has got his britches, his sweatervest, his silly wannabe gloves without fingers (seriously, what is the freakin point of that?) and even his Cardinals cap on while gets busy. This violates a number of interpersonal and aesthetic rules, and offends my every sensibility. Just sayin.Second, there are three black boxes of obscuration in this image. One routinely placed over the junk, one, somewhat more prudish in today's world, but well understood nonetheless, over the cartoon Japanese girl's boobs, and a third that seems to be protecting me from seeing what that little orange creature is doing to her concomitant to the doing of her.And to quote that great interpreter of all things intert00bz, Daniel Tosh, for that, we thank you…

  2. Man, that's dumb.I have two pairs of gloves.I have a pair of lambskin shooting gloves I bought when I discovered that .35 Remington would beat you like a redheaded stepchild, and I have a pair of heavy leather sap gloves I've had for a long time. I'm not even sure where they are, but I can see they might have some real value in the Zombocalypse….

  3. when else am I going to have time to look at Pokemon Hentai?Eventually all displays will be on the interior of a set of glasses so you can see Ash bang the shit out of Croagunk ALL THE TIME no matter what you're doing. And he's not CroaGUNK for nothing.HUUYE!

  4. my favorite search term today?"douche canoe wisconsin legislature"I don't get that many searches. Most of y'all have me on some kind of interactive list, I dunno. I am an old guy with no knowledge of these new-fangled debbil-boxes.

  5. Yeah, my searches are really really boring. Just variations on the title of this blog. you can see Ash bang the shit out of Croagunk ALL THE TIME no matter what you're doing.HOT.

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