Comfort Popcorn

Over the years, certain films have become sort of security blankets for me. They’re films I watch time and again and I never tire of them. I call them my “Comfort Movies,” and because I am always looking to something to keep depression and anxiety at bay, the are, indeed, very comforting to me. I’ll be giving a shout out to all these movies in future entries, but I’m starting with one of the funniest comedies ever made: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

I love this movie because it is at once clever and unapologetically silly.  One of the first scenes in the film perfectly demonstrates this masterful silliness. You remember when the  Chief of Police/Con Artist pushes Fanny–Lady Fanny (of Omaha!)–Eubanks up against the palm trees twice, then Lawrence Jameson does it once more? It’s one of those throwaway moments of physical comedy that make Dirty Rotten Scoundrels so incredibly funny.

Steve Martin is a comedy god, so it’s not surprising he’s great in this, but after watching it, like, a bajillion times, I’ve really come to appreciate what a stellar straight man Michael Caine is. The movie wouldn’t have been as awesome as it was without him.

So…do you, dear readers, have any “comfort movies?”


169 thoughts on “Comfort Popcorn

  1. Dozens!Not only that, but advances in technology has made it SO much easier to extract the psychological benefits. I keep all my favorite movies on a hard drive in the dining room. Any time I need something one of them has to offer, I just fire up VLC and skip right to the part/scene/dialog I want to see.I can watch Private Ryan, Kelly's Heroes and The Magnificent Seven all in about fifteen minutes. It works with my attention span and the fact that with movies, like music, I seldom like (or LOVE) a whole movie – it's a few scenes, here and there that light me up. I can watch "Tombstone" but just the Doc Holliday parts – and I'm done in less than half an hour. All killer, no filler.And c'mon now – When Britt (The absolutely mesmerizing James Coburn) says "Nobody throws me my guns and tells me to ride on. Nobody", tell me you can stay in your seat. I have to get up and stomp around the living room throwing punches or I think I'd drown in the Testosterone…

  2. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is high on my list. Glenne Headley also deserves a shout out in that one. Also on my list, pretty much anything Python or Python related (Fawlty Towers, Ripping Yarns, etc.), Buckaroo Bonzai Across the Eighth Dimension, Big Trouble in Little China, Gregory's Girl, Comfort and Joy, The Russians Are Coming and, of course, all my pr0n videos.

  3. I have a lot of discomfort movies.I'm completely heartbroken–and I'm only half-kidding when I say this–that I now will not be able to picture you curling up on the couch with a good comedy. 😉

  4. Glenne Headley also deserves a shout out in that one. Also on my list, pretty much anything Python or Python related (Fawlty Towers, Ripping Yarns, etc.), Buckaroo Bonzai Across the Eighth Dimension, Big Trouble in Little China, Gregory's Girl, Comfort and Joy, The Russians Are Coming and, of course, all my pr0n videos.Glenne Headley was an interesting bit of casting. I probably wouldn't have gone with her, but I think she works, ultimately. I love "Life of Brian" and "Holy Grail," but was never a big fan of "Flying Circus." You have porn on VID? Are you, like, 75? Plus, porn is not comforting. At least not to me. And I don't mean that in an anti-porn way.

  5. Now you gotta tell me which MST3K's are your favorites!can't pick.But I will tell ya this: In addition to the commercially released eps, I was quite active on one of the tape trading sites, and have nearly all the episodes, either on VHS or DVD-R. Including some of the KTMA season. Only missing a couple from the whole ten years.

  6. You have porn on VID? Are you, like, 75? Plus, porn is not comforting. At least not to me. And I don't mean that in an anti-porn way.I figure it was about time that the upsidedowniedudes would be waking up to face tomorrow and I just wanted to throw that in there before Smut Clyde.

  7. I love a holiday-themed movie that has been on my DVR for years: Home for the Holidays, Starring Robert Downey jr, Ann Bancroft and Holly Hunter. Jody Foster directed it I believe. Yes, it's sappy as fucking hell, but it is MY comfort movie. Make fun of it and you will die a painful death m'dear Zombilicious.I also adore Costner's Bull Durham and Tin Cup both directed by Ron Shelton..a fucking genius.

  8. ahh, god…Sidehackers?Robt Monster?The Crawling Eye?Catalina Caper?Wild RebelsAll the Godzilla episodes?Rocket Attack USA (Help me.)?Pod Peopls?Earth vs. the Spider?Daddy-O?Teenage Caveman?Amazing Colossal Man?The Gamera eps?Santa Claus conquers the martians?Master Ninja (1 AND 2)?Teenagers from Outer Space?Giant Gila Monster?City Limits?Attack of The Giant Leeches?The Beatniks?Eeegah?The Brain That Wouldn't Die?Wild World of Batwoman?Alien From LA?Village of the Giants?Kitten With A Whip?Laserblast?The Leech Woman?Giant Spider Invasion?The Clonus Horror?Devil Doll?Time Chasers?Overdrawn At The Memory Bank?Puma Man?Hobgoblins?Werewolf (featuring the lesser Estevez)?Soultaker?The touch of Satan?Quest of the Delta Knights?Boggy Creek 2?Squirm?and the final bow, Diabolik?How does one pick?

  9. I often announce, in the appropriate loud announcer's voice, in crowded public venues so as to create the most awkward moment possible, that I am, in fact:"Turkey Volume Guessing Man"

  10. I think I might leave work early, have a drink, go grocery shopping for Arroz con Pollo and Vodka INfused shrimp pasta materials, have another drink, and veg out to MST3K eps as afternoon winds blearily into evening.Yes, Friday is not going well on the work front, so the temptation to bail is EXCEEDINGLY strong.

  11. How does one pick?Indeed…but you've got some of the my faves there:The Brain that Wouldn't DieTime Chasers (I never forget how they kept saying the "business" building looked like a library. LOL!)Hobgoblins and Soultaker are definitely cream o' the crop.

  12. Yes, Friday is not going well on the work front, so the temptation to bail is EXCEEDINGLY strong.I imagine since the baby finally went down and tonight is the night I get to relax and sleep in, everyone will disappear. Happens every fucking time I get online these days. It's really frustrating. I could, of course, go outside and make real friends, but that sounds dangerous, as the sunlight might damage my eyes.

  13. Hah. I did, indeed, leave early and am working the Powerbook on the couch, cheap wine nearby, and yes, "The Violent Years" playing. "I'm squishy and I need to move on it!"So I am here, and plan on being drunk. You're stuck.If only I had some weed….

  14. Now go watch Repo Man.And eat your peas.Are you kidding?I'm trying to squeeze in some time at the desktop. I dont' have to make dinner yet and the baby is not crying. I've been waiting for a chance to breath ALL DAY.

  15. Memo to self: Talk to Another Kiwi about arranging a special screening of Isabella Rosselini movies at the Old Entomologist. I've seen snippets of those things. It just makes me love Isabella even harder.

  16. The Becks and I had a lovely catfish lunch at Pier 23 today. She took the Ferry and I took BART and we met in the Ferry Bldg. After lunch we strolled down the Embarcadero to Pief 14 and sat on the grass with the homeless and my stupid forehead got sunburned. So I'm home now, I need to put my tempura shrimp and fried rice on, but first it's time for a couple Sailor Jerry's and catching up on the lovely blogs of all my favorite people I haven't actually, you know, MET…

  17. because vs' life is so bleak and sleep deprived, I have put in my deluxe release of Repo Man, and will be live-blogging it.Starts off with the awesome Repo Man theme by iggy Pop. I always wanted the instrumental version of the movie credits, as well as the one with lyrics on the soundtrack.Unbelievably awesome soundtrack, BTW.

  18. OttoAnd then a punk party, with Cicle Jerks doing Coup d'etat.Otto folds his pants. "OK""Otto. Get me another beer"Yes, we are heading into a nihilistic era.Otto gets a beer, then debbie is fucking someone else. At least he gets his pants back.And then does an awesome a cappella rendition of TV Party.

  19. Harry Dean Stanton is his BEST ROLE EVER.Tells Otto to get his old ladys car out of this 'bad area'. Otto gets into the car (every car in this movie has a pine tree air freshener), and drives off in his first Repo. Of a K-car. Then he pitches the Dashboard Virgin Mary.

  20. I'm thinking I should put on the Sound of Music and do a simultaneous live blog to go with the Repo Man live blog. It could turn out to be the coolest thing since the Wizard of Oz met the Dark Side of the Moon. And I'd damn well do it too, if it didn't involve me actually having to watch the Sound of Music.

  21. Otto's mom and Dad are burned out hippies watching a televangelist. Otto opens the fridge and grabs a can labeled "food" and starts spooning."put it on a plate, son. You'll enjoy it more.""I couldn't enjoy it any more, Mom. Mmm mmm mmm. This is swell."Otto wants his college cash, but it has all been sent to teh televangelist. there are butterflies on the fridge.

  22. HDS:"ordinary fucking people, I hate 'em""See an ordinary person, spends his time avoiding tense situations. Repo man, he spends his time getting INTO tense situations. (sniff) let's go get a drink, kid."Six pack of cans labeled 'drink' being checked out at liquor store.

  23. "I don't ride with anybody unless they wearing a seatbelt. It's one of my rules.""I walk into someone's place of work, they shit scared. They know I ain't a cop. They think I come to kill 'em. And I would.""Managing a pop group? Ain't no job for a man" (tosses package out the window of the car. Traffic busts it open, revealing stacks of money)

  24. The large black man uses a large black automatic."Get in the car, white boy!""you might have shot the guy""so what if I did?""I dunno….that's pretty sever.""BLANKS.get the job done."BLAM BLAM BLAM.",…Repo men. You're all out to fucking lunch."

  25. Harry Dean is chewing some scenery here. But being Harry Dean, he is fucking funny at it.Otto sees. the. Malibu.And the best on foot vs. car chase EVAH, because he barfs halfway through…..aaaand he gets in the car and meet's J. Frank Parnell.

  26. eep. everybody gets shot in the convenience store: Dick Rude, Harry Dean Stanton, everybody.Dick Rude's dying words: "I blame society. Society made me what I am"Otto: That's a load of shit. You're a white suburban punk, just like me."Dick: "but it still hurts…"(coughing hacking death rattle)Otto (a bit unsettled)…you…you're gonna be OK."

  27. OK, Marlene, the hot receptionist babe in the Repo office is now wearing a nurses uniform. And high heels. IS THIS MOVIE AWESOME?And walking down the hall, Otto pulls back a sheet, revealing his bud Kevin; Kevin starts to talk; Otto puts the sheet back. HARRY DEAN STANTON'S ROOM HAS A PINE TREE AIR FRESHENER ON IT. It doesn't HAVE To make sense, assholes.

  28. AAaaaaaaand…back at the repo yard, the Malibu is fucking glowing.Bud is not looking so good."Bud. Listen to me. You're sitting in a car worth 20,000 dllars. We turn it in, we split the money 60-40""who get's the 60, kid?""I dunno, I figure since I found the car first, …."Bud pulls a largish handgun"..that you get the 60."

  29. Sirius BANNED. Again. "I think I aggravated vs with my drunken Repo Man blogging."Are you kidding? That was like…performance art. It was awesome. I've just been crazy busy and/or exhausted. BTW, I NOMinate this treasure for the next zardozing.

  30. I'm just stompdown impressed.I don't know how the Xombie managed to keep the line moving start to finish. I know I would have lost interest, got distracted, stopped to trim my mustache and wandered over to make a new playlist and decided to put some of the dinner dishes in the dishwasher and thought "DAMN, man, lookit those toenails – those gotta go NOW" and before you knew it the movie would have ended without liveblogging since the opening credits.I salute you!

  31. I suppose I could live blog the Lions – Crows game that's just getting under way, but I'm afraid I am not a)zombie drunk or b)zombie dedicated enough. Also, I don't think I'll be able to stay awake through the second half.

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