I Like Things

Since we’re on the topic of food and food-related shtuff…

I like washing and neatly storing all my produce when I get it home. It makes using it later so much more hassle-free.

I like things that are shaped like other things.

I like my oil and vinegar cruets. They are NEAT-O. 
I don’t like blueberries, but I think this big, chubby one is pretty nifty. 
It is fussy, though. May have to get a refund…
I like ellipses…a lot…
I like my new shoes. They look good enough to eat, but they are probably tough. 
I like that having your blog allows you to literally gaze at your navel (or at least in a navel-y direction) and then document it, as if it were in the least important. Yes, my cute shoes are terribly important! Aren’t you glad you clicked your way to this entry?
I’m an apologetic omnivore. I really, really like meat and stuff, but I’m not crazy about what eating meat does to the environment…and sometimes I get a major craving for what is essentially a big ol’ plate of vegetables. This is not quite in “big plate of veggies” territory, but it is nice if you’re in the mood for something light and…grassy. 
Get a bunch of fresh herbs. A buttload. Everything but rosemary and sage is great. Dress them as you would a delicate salad, with a light vinaigrette. Reserve some of the vinaigrette. In a hot skillet, put in a generous amount of olive oil. Fry up two seasoned salmon fillets. Serve the fillets on a bed of the herb salad. Drizzle a little of the reserved dressing on the salmon. Um, yum.

25 thoughts on “I Like Things

  1. I had some blueberries for lunch. They pair really nicely with pineapple.Last week there were some awesome blackberries around though.No, BBBB, they were not foraged, unless you count buying them from the market deli as 'foraging'. I do, actually.

  2. I used to do that with the produce in the fridge, but now that I live in a downtown with Mollie Stones just over THERE, I just walk over when I need something and that way it's fresh…

  3. Nothing at all! But they're far too pungent for an herb salad. Trust me on this. "Those shoes look great on you!", he typed."Thank you," she typedYour child is not chubby. Trust me, I had two nearly spherical children and this one is pretty normal looking although apparently shy.I think his arms look like sausage links and his legs look like t-rex legs. But I like that, cuz chubby babies make the rockin' world go round.

  4. I can't believe you don't like blueberries! Is it a texture thing?It's just one of the few foods I'm finicky about. Don't care for 'em. Also, if you freeze 'me, they are great as ice cube substitutes in white wine.Sounds pretty fruity to me.

  5. I just walk over when I need something and that way it's fresh…Lucky bastard. I'd love to do that, but I am one of those suburban moms that apparently all the cool people hate, so I have no such easy access. Look at that! A zombizzle shout out right in the fucking title!See? And you're always saying nobody likes you.

  6. Ha! I'm almost famous. I'm on a work computer, so no bookmarks for ASASBY. When I Googled to get here this came up:A Smorgasbord Aptly Slain Before You6 hours ago – BTW, as loyal reader and "Smorgasbord" tote bag owner, Sirius Lunacy points out, my last entry is creeping up on 100 comments. …slainbyvacuumslayer.blogspot.com/ – CachedW/V whadinun – sounds like more kinkyness from the Catholics.

  7. Baby pancakes, not so much. This boy seems to be always asleep when we see him. Doesn't he listen to music or hang upside down from the ceiling or put on short interpretive dances about the injustice of the capitalist system?

  8. hooo boy. drinking all afternoon, listening to Bruce Cockburn and doing a couple of shots of 1800 in addition to weird-ass cheap rum. And discussing armaments with mikey on my blog. Zombie is wobbly at best. in some ways, I hope all this is something that I can wake up and ignore.sigh.

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