You Used to Be Cool

I’ve been thinking about switching things up around here. Perhaps giving my blog more focus. I mean, random navel-gazing, attention-whoring and grammar and syntax mistake-laden political rants are fine, but I was thinking about maybe getting into the list business. Now, I know lists can be hackneyed and overused, but frankly, with the way thoughts bounce around in my head and have indiscriminate and regretful sex with each other, lists can be really helpful in getting me organized. And these days, with my baby-mush brain, I need all the fucking help I can get.

Also, I could have sworn I used to be funnier, what with my jokes about cat-lawyers and watermelon-sex and all. Well, at least I amused the hell out of myself. Now, it’s like I don’t have time to be funny. Lists will most assuredly solve this. I just know it!

Yeah. Lists about music, movies, politics, food, cats, reasons why my baby is superior to all other babies. It may be my only hope. Plus, you know, it might actually make this blog more than just a shallow vanity project. It might actually end up being a bit more substantive. People may actually come here to read it, which would be nice.

Top 5 Reasons Having a Listy Blog Will Be Awesome
  1. Lists are fun, and good readin’ for people with short attention spans.
  2. Lists are fun, and good writin’ for people who don’t have a lot of time.
  3. I can use lists to…list…reasons I’m so goddamn attractive.
  4. Hey, look at this kitten!
  5. Lists–YAY!

Hey, I think this list thing is getting off to a GREAT start!

 BTW, as loyal reader and “Smorgasbord” tote bag owner, Sirius Lunacy points out, my last entry is creeping up on 100 comments. Don’t make me make a list about how great it would be to get to 100.


33 thoughts on “You Used to Be Cool

  1. 1) Your post was too long. Could you please put it in the form of a list?2) Also, you've amply shown the two most important reasons you're attractive. Heh.3) I'm learning the bassline for "Fever" for an upcoming show and in the process have been youtubing the Peggy Lee version a lot. Has anybody told you you look a lot like she did back in the day?

  2. Trevor, do you have a totes adorbs leetle babby to dandle in front of us photographically?How about BEWBIES?Are you clever with a turn of phrase or decorating?Do you blogwhore shamelessly?These are clearly the elements required for blog-commenter success.PS: VS doesn't actually blogwhore all that much but she did get it out in front of the Sadly, No! commentariat when she was getting started. Just sayin'.

  3. OK, how much do you pay people to leave comments? Just asking, I never get any. This hurts my feelings.You don't nescesarily need people. Just one person will do if you have a sirius enough lunatic who will just keep posting on and on.

  4. Look, as long as all you kids are on my lawn, I'm gonna be a little bit grouchy here. 'Cause I'm old, and damaged and often forget things. Important things.Anyway, go back n read this. It's not meta, it's ([meta]{META}(Meta)}.It's essentially a blog post about comments on a blog post about blog posts with comments. It's a blog post about effective blog posts and a comment about funny commenting. And hey, I've got no problem with that. But I thought it was worth thinking about.Why not just write about what you think, what you're feeling, what you care about, what you love and hate and even more important, LIKE?Anyway, that's your grumpy old man blog comment for the night. Say, can one o'you kids help me with these onions on my belt?

  5. Ahh, who cares what anybody likes? It's what we hate that counts. I thought the kitten was paralyzed.WV: winedi French for wine day. You loser lushes should like that.

  6. You don't nescesarily need people. Just one person will do if you have a sirius enough lunatic who will just keep posting on and on. Hopefully, that copypaste troll won't see this!WV (I shit you not) foxation

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