White Boys Can Dance. A Little.

500 Days of Summer is a cool movie. Sweet, funny, poignant.

It’s lovely to look at. Maybe I’m crazy, but everything looked a little sepia and lacking in contrast. A little vintage-y. Certainly Summer’s styling was vintage-y, but as I watched the film, I definitely got the idea its makers had a reverential yearning for the aesthetics of Ye Olde 50’s and Early 60’s.

Yes, Zooey Deschenal’s Summer is one part Manic Pixie Dream Girl, but she’s 99 parts Intriguing Girl Who Was Mostly Pretty Up Front about Her True Feelings Girl. She borders on being a little precious–Hell, the whole film does–but she still comes out OK in the end.

Mostly because I think the film had this detached but loving attitude towards all the characters. At no point did I feel like things were getting too cute or too maudlin. Although there were a couple of terrifically poignant scenes. One was a mere few-second vignette to give us insight into Summer. You’ll know it when you see it. Although maybe I’m just biased. Because during those few seconds I was Summer.

There is pragmatic lack of misanthropy in this film and I dug that. Not that misanthropy doesn’t have its place, it just didn’t belong here.

500 Days of Summer made me forget that this song is dorky and I should totally shun it:

Now, I dig it and have played it–unashamedly Perhaps 500 Days of Summer has special powers.

500 Days of Summer made me remember that when you meet someone and you start to fall in love, every new thing you learn about about that person feels like a gift. And it seems–at the time, at least–like it’s always some great gift. Like a Snuggie or a cheap replica of Kate Middleton’s engagement ring. OK, I went for the joke there, but you know what I mean. It’s pretty awesome falling in love.

500 Days of Summer made me appreciate anew how intrinsic a soundtrack has the potential to be to a film. On their own, I might have found many of its songs insipid and whiny and emo, but, damn…when they played alongside those sweet, lovely frames, I sometimes got chills.


15 thoughts on “White Boys Can Dance. A Little.

  1. In the early summer of '93 I was in love. Late summer the year before I had separated from my wife. She took most everything, but frankly, it felt so good to out of that toxic thing that I didn't care, well mostly didn't care anyway. I was making a bunch of money so I just got new stuff. It was a big, airy condo in Morgan Hill and it had a great big deck outside the front door. So I remember getting home from work on friday afternoon, putting "No More Tears" on the stereo, pouring a big cocktail and sitting outside on the deck waiting for Kimberley.Now here's the thing. The last year I was married, I could. not. wait. for my wife to leave. If I ever prayed, it was for her to stay away just a little longer. But here I was, a year later, and I could. not. wait for Kimberley to get there for the weekend. Yeah, I loved her. But way better than that, SHE LOVED ME. And that…that's something worth keeping, or at least remembering…

  2. you are, of course, being unfair in a video that has Z Deschanel, especially when I am UNFORTUNATATELY DRUNKEN AND DRUNK.So there. I hope mikey made more senses.\But she is a lovely young lady, ad her songs with M. Ward are a fair part of my listening. I am impressed with mikey's ability to type while goofy.

  3. In the early summer of '93 I was in love.good lord, mikey, in the summer of '93 ALL of us were in love. f you weren't you had serious drug problems…oh wait… oh hell, regardless of the drug things, in the summer of 93 ALL of us were in love.

  4. In the summer of '93 I was in love, in a tired and subdued sort of way, with my wife at the time…who happens to still be the Esteemed Mrs. Chowder.Plus my son, plus my soon-to-arrive daughter.But I hear ya on the whole newly smitten feeling. Lots of movies try to capture that, few do.

  5. good lord, mikey, in the summer of '93 ALL of us were in love.That was in fact the year when the Frau Doktorin and I ended up in bed together. Though I had been in love with her for a long long time before that.

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