Poopy Homes and Gardens

Ever all of a sudden just start hating your house and everything in it? Yeah, me too. So I did some redecoratin’. Amazing what some boxes, wrapping paper and a couple of resin birds’ll do to perk up a place.

One of many shrines
Some people might get the idea I enjoy cooking.
Foo dogs and cats–living together!!!!!
It took me around 2 fucking hours to work out this configuration. Decoratin’ is HARD!
Sleek, modern, attractive…Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my family room’s piece de resistance–The Diaper Genie!!!

30 thoughts on “Poopy Homes and Gardens

  1. SOME people have shrines to zombies.Some people have shrines to babies. Some people have shrines to zombies.Some people have shrines to zombabies. Those are the coolest people of all.

  2. Some people have shrines to zombiesWhile others have resin birdsKnickknacks from AbercrombiesAnd a place to store the turdsTo me it all seems fragileIt would worry me while drinkingThose times when I'm not so agileBut when I do some righteous thikingSome shrines are placed out of respectSome to honor the things we've lostWhat goes in a shrine is hard to selectHow to truly reflect the cost?The best of them are kind of weirdEclectic…almost hyperItems loved, or beautiful or fearedOr perhaps a dirty diaper?

  3. Fuck, I thought they were for holding books, unread correspondence and old newspapers.Also abandoned beer-mugs and half-empty cups of coffee.Then where the heck am I supposed to put my pr0n?

  4. Then where the heck am I supposed to put my pr0n?That's what the 4 terabyte drives are for, amirite?A diaper pail hidesThings that would water your eyes.Attractive? A plus.w/v would like to point out that zooses are for mooses.

  5. Here's how a REAL decorator does it.That room is so bad it almost loops around to good. I bet some hipster douche could really do something with that place. Sirius, I could NEVER stop barfing in that room.That would only improve the decor.

  6. The one w/ the magazines looks like a psychiatrist's waiting room.That seems about right. Ha ha. The Economist?! OMG.That is Mr. Slayer's. Much like Sarah Palin I try my best not learn anything of value from reading. Not that The Economist would necessarily be the best source for that. And da apple's like that way on porpoise.

  7. You'd think One of Canada’s Leading manufacturers’ and distributors of Quality Confectionary could afford a better-looking website. BTW, I completely sympathize with your situation. If I had had an uncle who sold candy, I would have been making excuses to visit him ALL. THE. TIME. Because, I mean, how awesome is selling candy?

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