Those Eerie Scratching and Whispering Noises Aren’t Nearly as Funny as You Think They Are

Though I am a horror aficionado, it is still possible to scare me. Quite possible.

Note to self: Do not watch movies like “Insidious” at night. (I usually watch horror movies during the day because I find it sucks a lot of the scary out of them. And by the time night rolls around I’m, like, SO OVER IT.)

That pleasant-looking fellow kept me up ’til 2 last night.  The demon was really scary too! I kid, I kid. I like Patrick Wilson. Red-faced demons, notsomuch.

Somebody needs a trip to the Clinique counter

Anyway, not a perfect film by even the most generous stretch of the imagination, but there are some genuinely creepy moments in it. Creepy enough to wig out a jaded horror-lover like moi.

And, yes, that hilarious jokester Mr. Slayer does like to make eerie noises after I’ve explicitly told him how creeped out I am. Butthead.


12 thoughts on “Those Eerie Scratching and Whispering Noises Aren’t Nearly as Funny as You Think They Are

  1. Let the Right One In is a fine film. Not the least bit scary, but interesting and well-done. I should do a review. Human Centipede will never darken my tv or computer screen

  2. I cackled at Human Centipede. Same sort of unredeemed misanthropy involved, but better camera work. The evil doctor was well-played but there isn't really a story there except HA HA I HAD THIS IDEA AND YOU WATCHED IT SO WHO'S THE REAL SICKO.Creepiest movie is still Dead Ringers. Thank you Mr. Cronenberg.

  3. You disgust me. Let's be BFF's. I'm ashamed to say I have never seen "Dead Ringers," and it's one of those films I've always meant to watch. Totally adding it to the queue.

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