It’s Totally Not RMF Since I Flounced Away from It So By All Means DON’T Link to Random Songs


20 thoughts on “It’s Totally Not RMF Since I Flounced Away from It So By All Means DON’T Link to Random Songs

  1. As the eighties ended, music was poised between several powerful forces.The whole New Wave was breaking on the beach, Gulf War I embraced Nirvana and Hip Hop (and if you think wars don't have an influence on music all out of proportion to their numbers you haven't been paying attention since the Andrews Sisters), the Seattle scene was about to break over over a nation desperate for something that spoke to their lives, the labels were beginning to notice something they'd come to call alternative, and the LA metal scene, in it's death throes, developed a surprising sophistication and depth. And it was at that point that Babylon AD released their eponymous album and the single 'Desperate'. This was the ultimate expression of hair metal, musically interesting and self aware, and in another universe it might have led us in another direction. Instead, it was swamped, swept overboard and lost at sea in the relentless evolution of musical genres…

  2. "Hey, if I put a pair of those in my closet would it be more feminine?"Considering theyre thousand dollar (at least) couture shoes that look like fetish-wear, I'd say it'd make your closet more puzzling. I'd get a kick out seeing them amongst all the sensible boots, though.

  3. Sure, but two things.First, bagging a hair metal song for being cheesy is like bagging the sky for being cloudy. Nature, meet beast.Second, the song serves as the framework upon which the narrative was built.And the narrative was pretty goddam funky, was it not?

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