Anal Babies

When my little brother was  young–and occasionally when he wasn’t so young–he used to joke that babies came out of the butt. He called these blessed beings “anal babies.” He thought this was terrifically funny. Apparently there are some men who think this is actually where babies come from.


15 thoughts on “Anal Babies

  1. The "just like farting" part is favorite. And, you know, he makes a great point. When the labor and delivery team would rush in between extraordinarily painful contractions and put an oxygen mask over my face and have me change positions because my son's heartrate was rapidly decreasing and I was afraid he was going to die, that WAS exactly like farting.

  2. Anal Babies It is not a myth.Seriously, where do you think Karl Rove and Dick Cheney came from???Now if I hear someone say they have great ABs, I'm gonna picture them having Karl and Dick at home in a display case.

  3. Those would be great ABs?I hope we at Riddled never descend to trolling for Google hits.You don't have to keep hinting. I'll do it for you. I'll say incredibly crude, sexually explicit things on your blog. There. Are you happy?

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