Fun with Food Fascists

I’ve already been informed that my Jif peanut butter is like a  “jar of poison.”

Ya know, I appreciate that some people take eating healthy seriously. I do too most of the time. But there comes a point where being engaged becomes being obsessed. And it’s at that point that I begin being the model for the .gif above.


15 thoughts on “Fun with Food Fascists

  1. It's like the b.s. controversy over the First Lady eating a cheeseburger. One can't be "virtuous" all the time. My weakness is for Edy's "Samoas" ice cream- thankfully, it's only on the shelves for about a month and a half… otherwise, I'd be "Chris Christie" fat.

  2. Oh.Subby answered my question. I was going to ask what it was they found objectionable with your peanut butter. But yeah, that would be objectionable.Ever since the Great Blood Pressure Debacle of 2005 I have been a label reader. And it's pretty easy to find peanut butter that lists its ingredients as "Peanuts" (I go for the unsalted). I can't imagine why anyone would choose peanut butter with anything else in it, but hey, if'n you want to, you go girl…

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