Sugar is a Helluva Drug

My dad is coming to visit for a week, after telling me he’d have “lots of advice” for me. The stream of people in and out of this house honestly never seems to end. One of my animals just inexplicably shat on the Turkish rug in the family room.

Here, have some candy:


10 thoughts on “Sugar is a Helluva Drug

  1. Jaysus, the cartoon brought up vicious, horrible nightmares of dayz gone by…I don't envy you dear woman. Keep the good drugs close to ya for those special emergencies when you feel like strangling someone/something.And I swear, animals have a built-in sense of when is the worst time to crap in the house…and promptly do it, with a grin on their face and a spring in their step.

  2. I've already been told I'm getting a copy of article about the dangers of inhaling talcum powderI'm glad you're getting such good advice, 'cause the only safe way to do talcum powder is by injecting straight into your veins.

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