You Will Hate that I Posted the Cover

N_B has a must-read entry up today. So you must read it.

Quick note about the helpfulness. It cracks me up when I ask about a reference I’m not familiar with and someone directs me to a Google search. Several folks have done this. Here’s the thing: I’m pretty familiar with Google. I use it several times a day, mostly to find furry conventions in my area…but I’ve said too much. But seriously, when I ask about a story with which I’m not familiar, I don’t need a link to a Google search. You will acknowledge that whenever you do a search a majority of the results are useless, won’t you? After all, there’s a search engine dedicated to addressing that very complaint.
No. When I ask a question like that, I am wanting ONE salient link. Or, heck, you can put your little fingers to use and type up a quick summary yourself. That is what I’m after. Thanks in advance! 
BTW, I know this sounds super-bitchy, and I don’t mean for it sound that way, because I know no insult is intended when I am directed to a Google-search. I know it is helpfulness that is intended. And I am helping now, as well.

27 thoughts on “You Will Hate that I Posted the Cover

  1. As long as the shrieking harpy you're searching for isn't me. Yes, I can post at Wonkette finally, but don't read as much as I used to. The staff there is very young and it shows. Sometimes I find the snark gets in the way of substance (like when they complained about House floor stunts…and the stunt they showed was actually a Dem. guy who was making an extraordinarily valid point in a pretty neat, not-retarded way.). And sometimes I feel like I'm reading the same comment over and over again. There's only so many times I can hear about how all the teatards are fat racists (even if it's true) before it gets boring. In summation: off of my lawn and all that.

  2. Also they snarked about The White Stripes once being sort of cool, THEY GUESSED, and some commenter said something about Jack being a lousy singer and Meg being a lousy drummer. I closed the window so I wouldn't start a flame war. I hate it when pretentious people who know DICK about music say such stupid things.

  3. No, it made me laff. I am trying to come up with a funny response that doesn't involve buttplugs. Re: music–fair enough, though I still maintain it was an extraordinarily stupid comment by who doesn't understand what purpose music serves–to evoke a visceral emotional reaction. Don't need to be a virtuoso to do that.

  4. You know who else Hitlerolled people?"I am wanting ONE salient link.Here it is."What Google fails to inform the searcher is that all those boners were caused by your's truly.

  5. LMAO @shrieking harpy. For entertainment, I need to look no further than the usual suspects here. Wonkette is a tad young for moi as well. If I want snark I can peruse Thunder, Empire, Mr Bouffant, our hostess here and a few others. Flame wars can be tedious and boring after awhile. I like the White Stripes. The teabags are now showing their racism proudly? Fuck..the douchebaggery never ends does it?Oh, and I love the photo of you and the child..timed photo by you or someone else took it?

  6. You know who else Hitlerolled people?I was very disappointed to find out that when you Google "who else" the first links DO NOT go straight to Hitler. W/V is trying to get rid of me. It says "scramman".

  7. Oh, and I love the photo of you and the child..timed photo by you or someone else took it?Thanks, Dusty! Hubby took it. He's pretty camera-happy these days. Normally, I'm not into having my pic taken when I'm wearing no make-up and neither my hair or teeth have been brushed. 😉

  8. …when I'm wearing no make-up and neither my hair or teeth have been brushed.But wait!I have been given to understand that this is de rigeur Vacuumslayer hygienic practice.

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