Moving the Goalposts

I love Futurama.

This asshole won’t let me embed the video that inspired this post. Le sigh.

Happy Independence Day. I thought it might be fun to pay tribute to independence of thought. Because we rationality-worshippers are still very much in the minority.



10 thoughts on “Moving the Goalposts

  1. Zombie hate is still allowed, even promoted, at blogs like these.Simply not true. I was praising the performances of many of your kind the other night when I was watching "Land of the Dead."

  2. Meh. Patience is as patience does.Zombie, human, alien, robot, I don't give two shits and a whistle.Pick up your shit and move, do NOT slow this evolution down, be on time and have some vague idea of what your role and responsibilities are, and we're gonna do fine.I strongly encourage you to avoid research that would lead you to an understanding of the alternatives…

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