I find this desktop shocking!

Where’s the porn?!!

How is everybody celebrating the holiday? Me, I’m grilling some steaks I’ve been marinating, making some tater salad, maybe watching a dumb movie, and imbibing. Sure, it’s not as good as harumphing about lovin’ yer guns and killing muslins and libtards. But still…nice!


22 thoughts on “I find this desktop shocking!

  1. Celebrating what holiday? You Americans with your constant holidays, this is why your empire lies in ruins and stares with unseeing eyes at the something something.Have a nice one VS.

  2. I am spending the 4th of July as every real American should. I am sucking from the government teat. I am working a ten hour shift at double time and a half holiday pay. Take that tea party bitchez!!!(Actually, although I am a county employee, my pay does not come from the taxpayers. But it's impossible to explain that in a way that tea partiers can understand.)W/V trizesic – 50% better than bizesic

  3. Ok, I am not a big fan of small people..but that said..this photo is fucking great! Woman, you are changing my life w/all this baby stuff..Stop It!!!! ;-PMy spawn has always appreciated the fact that I am not one of 'those' people who want or need grandchildren in their life. I have been quite the opposite w/him..beggin him NOT to move in w/some of the breeders..er, chicks he has hooked up with in the lowlands of southern OK. When they already have two kids, or been through 2 or 3 baby daddies.. and they are only 25, my bullshit meter goes off big time.

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