RMF: Truly Random

It’s RMF. Let’s get super-random.

Hey, I just noticed that the All American Rejects guy is a CU-TIE PIE. I’m enjoying that amazing bone structure and the big blue eyes.

20 thoughts on “RMF: Truly Random

  1. (Oops, accidentally posted on the previous thread.)I saw Cheap Trick in concert just last month. The guitar player with his hat, coat and bow tie looked pretty much the same. But someone needs to tell the lead singer that once you get to be over fifty, the spandex pants and muscle T just aren't the best look anymore. It was a fun show despite that though.The Colbert song brings this to mind.Other random music:Late in the EveningThe Boys From OklahomaThe WizardWriting on the WallFurther on up the Roadmore Dr. Demento random

  2. All of Nina's music seems haunting to me. Which is why my happy ass probably adores her. Its a holiday here in Redneckistan and all the locals will be blowing their hands/faces/nads to kingdom come when they attempt to modify fireworks..oh the joy, the fun! It's happy hour finally..praise jaysus!

  3. yay Undertones.I saw Cheap Trick in Wellington the same month that 'Live at Budokan' came out. I luvved them and my ears rang for 3 days. I got a guitar pick that Rick Nelson threw into the crowd. Oh joys of being 18!!!

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