No, Tnku

I get notes.

This one appeared in my gallery inbox today:

I thought for sure it was some sort of spam (though dA has pretty good spam filters), but what kind of spam I had no idea… However, it appears to be from a legit account.

Poor, silly man. You’ve got the wrong girl. I’m not nice.


22 thoughts on “No, Tnku

  1. Um, my unenlighted guess would be that it has something to do with borhani the three hundred and second's interest in making relationship with 'sincer' female.But that's just me.You kids carry on…

  2. "for make relation"He's a zombie and wants help to reassemble his cousin. A couple of rolls of Duct Tape, some staples, a hot glue gun. Not too much to ask in my opinion.

  3. Um, my unenlighted guess would be that it has something to do with borhani the three hundred and second's interest in making relationship with 'sincer' female.Oh, you mean like he's just spam-macking every girl at dA? I didn't think of that. Makes sense, actually. More sense than hitting on a 38-year-old woman with a baby.

  4. Oh yeah?Well, THIS post woulda been removed by IT'S author, but the lazy bastard never posted it in the first place.Leaving much more time for dinner…

  5. I am happy to believe that ZRM is sincer and my earlier message was directed at VS, who is not even since.I am sincest.I delegate removal of my posts to my editorI delegate removal of my pants to SHUT UP SMUT

  6. Beth, I am on DA as well (dusty1215), and I just perused your album there and I am here to say you are wonderful as an artist and photographer. I wish I knew how to use my very expensive but every complicated NikonD40 and the set of lens I bought with it about five years ago when I came into a bit of cash. I shoot on 'auto' as my attempts to do manual changes always seem to fuck up my photos.Back to you, I adore your artwork entitled: Beautiful Nightmare Nights and The Storyteller. Still Feral is Fabulous woman! I use DA photographers for my Photo of the Day on my Blogger blog, which will be going away soon. If you don't mind, I will use many of your photos that I change daily. They too are spectacular..I really like the Mist&Fog 1. 😉

  7. Thank you so much, Dusty. I will friend you next time I visit dA. 😀 BTW, my stock photos are free to use for literally ANYTHING. And my art you can do anything with as long as you don't re-sell it.

  8. Thanks for allowing me to post your photos. I like to provide a beautiful, calming photo at the top of my blog before I hit the visitor right between the eyes with my extensive use of the f-bomb and other bitchfest phrases used in my commentary's about the body politic.

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