Mixed Media: Experimentin’

Based on the success of this deceptively-named bastard‘s foray into Bouffant-territory blogging, I want to try something similar. I’d like to post a video or piece of art or whatever every hour or so (emphasis on the “or so”) I’m awake. This, obviously, will not be a round-the-clock endeavor because some little person insists on being fed and loved and stuff.

But you get the idea…and I think it will be fun. So please humor me by CLICKING and commenting on my offerings. 

Let’s ease into the morning with this:


11 thoughts on “Mixed Media: Experimentin’

  1. I just saw the Man Hands episode the other night. Everybody here has seen my hands. They know they're purty. So I thought the clarification was sort of silly and unecessessary.

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