Mixed Media: Don’t Tread on Me

Just got back from exercisin’. Most of the stuff I work out to is  uptempo rap/hip-hop/ Top 40…but occasionally something like this really keeps me going too:

Why the prolific posting today?


5 thoughts on “Mixed Media: Don’t Tread on Me

  1. I've always found that song interesting in that at it's core it's a thoroughly crappy song, but something about the way Hetfield sings it makes you feel it in your chest.Interestingly, according to the Wackydoodlepedia, Hetfield told Playboy in an interview he hates "Don't tread on me", which is why the band has never played it live.He's got a very special intangible with his voice that fascinates me. Songs like Fuel, So What, Enter Sandman and Whiskey in the Jar-O he just owns in a way that others couldn't. And yet, in general, I'm not a huge Metallica fan – I've always been a Mustaine partisan, and I don't think anybody before or since has ever done it as well as David. Now, I might be a bit biased, because I've spent enough time with him to consider Mustaine a friend, or at least an ally, but I THINK that's also my objective opinion…

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