Context is Nothing

At my old, defunct blog, I had an entry up about cooking a chicken. Long story short, I put the chicken in breast-side-down (not noticing there was a thermometer in the breast). As you might imagine, hilarity ensued.

Anyhoo, I accompanied this TOTALLY FUNNY blog entry with a picture of me and a joke about not being accustomed to seeing breasts with thermometers in them. You know, typical vacuumslayer comedy platinum. 

Well, my old blog is gone, as is the story which contextualizes this photo:


So…anyone up to captioning this baby?

I am super-tired and my brain is flied…fired…fleh… This is as good as it’s going to get for now.

*not really


22 thoughts on “Context is Nothing

  1. When I look at that picture I think: Ah, so that's where the missing thermometer went. How the hell did it get there?W/V is depowfly. I'm not sure if that refers to a winged insect or if it refers to a action done with a certain amount of depowf.

  2. nice building, mikey. I quite liked it. I especially liked sitting out in front of one of the restaurants, drinking several glasses of wine.I do wish, however, they hadn't painted it. I realize that painting masonry doesn't pose the hazard out there that it does here, but masonry still needs to transmit water vapor….

  3. So…anyone up to captioning this baby?"You showed me yours, Anthony, so now I'm showing you mine."And my word verification is, I kid you not, "pregu". Yes, u definitely were.

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