Whatever You Like (RMF)

It’s RMF. What are you enjoying these days?

Sorry about the horrible audio accompanying the VS video, but I think those ladies were amazing at writing just straight-up great rock songs, and I wanted to share one of my faves by them.

26 thoughts on “Whatever You Like (RMF)

  1. Whatever I like? Cool! Gimme Some Money. I'm Learning to Fly Ha! "Gimme Some Money" is prolly one of my fave Spinal Tap tunes. Never fails to make me chuckle. Also…gimme some money! I've never had much appreciation for Pink Floyd. I think it's because I've done so few drugs. But they're a group I may revisit now that I'm an old lady.

  2. Also too, Friday, LEAFS SUCKian contentThat's not a bad song. Sort of a fun mixture of Motown and ska. I'm going to assume your first link is just your attempt to Rickroll me, you bastard.

  3. Now playing at work.That song made me smile, because it's like it came from some 50's, Presley-esque rock/rockabilly song template. Honestly, it's like practically from a mold. I could pretty much tell what note was coming before it came.

  4. I have Freedom in my library now. It is good.Prog hippies!I've said it before, but I'll say it again–I think you may have the most impressively varied liberry I've ever encountered.

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