Follow me into the desert as desperate as you are [RMF]

It’s RMF.

I have a huge smart playlist I base almost all my other playlists off of called “Everything But.” It omits classical and holiday music, plus workout songs and a handful of albums that are over-played by the randomizer. Today I just hit FF ’til I found a random song I liked. One of my favorite Soundgarden songs.

What’s the first song you wouldn’t mind hearing from your MP3 player?

UPDATE: I changed the post title because I didn’t want to give the impression I was post-partum or suicidal or anything. I just picked out the most the most glum lyrics earlier to be DRAMATIC. 


41 thoughts on “Follow me into the desert as desperate as you are [RMF]

  1. My favorite playlist (called 'blah') starts with"Gin Blossoms "Allison Road"Punkins "Muzzle"Space Monkeys "Sugar Cane"Hole "Awful"James "Laid"Kings "Switching to Glide"At some point in the misty past I decided that you just can't improve upon those songs, in that order, so I like to be able to play them with the push of a single button.

  2. the only one of those I don't have, mikey, izza Space Monkeys.You are, of course, perfectly right about the rest. Have your monkey butler mix you a rum drink. I believe I may use that as a 'mikey' playlist.I do, however, hope that the Kings is the medley version of This Beat Goes On/Switchin to Glide, or else that rum drink is invalid.

  3. This song came out of nowhere this morning and stuck itself in my head. Just to show what an old fart I am, I do not have an mp3 of this but I do have it on vinyl. Moving from the Precambrian era all the way up to the Cambrian, I do have this song in mp3 format.

  4. As a music side note, the more I mess around with Google Music the more impressed I am.The player is browser based, and yet it is the best player I have (and I have about a dozen). The android player isn't quite as polished, but it works, and if you set up the playlists in the browser then the android player is fine.You should check it out. It's free…

  5. Hate Gin Blossoms. Hate the song "Laid." Like the other stuff…didn't remember the Sugar Cane song. But catchy. And I see the vid was directed by Dave LaChapelle and stars Debbie Mazar. Interesting.

  6. I don't understand this position. I suppose if it was something you just didn't want to spend money on, but it's FREE. So why not just try it out. 'Cause I assure you there's no physical media music playback modality that you would prefer to the flexibility and availability of digital music.

  7. I changed the post title because I didn't want to give the impression I was post-partum or suicidal or anything.Heh. Turns out this is an important consideration. I wrote this last year and posted it on Facebook. Next thing I know people are pounding on my door, calling, texting, hell I guess I'm lucky the fire department didn't show up.It's like they WANT everything to be more dramatic or something…

  8. In defense of the pearl-clutchers, that is a pretty sad poem. It made me go "Geez, I hope this is just a fleeting emo moment." Hey, at least people care, right?You know what used to piss me off? When I was younger, people always told me to smile. Guess I was a cranky misanthropist from the get-go.

  9. But that's the whole point.You write to vomit it out so you don't DO stupid shit.It's a short ride to the outskirts of town, y'know? You can get on your scoot and decide not to come home. It's not like what we have is always such a wonderful alternative to quitting.But c'mon. You can examine the darkness, and talk to the abyss, without deciding to jump over the fucking barrier. Sometimes its precisely how we find out how connected we are. How much we have that we don't want to walk away from.The good Doc Kervorkian's passing is a good opportunity to consider options, and think about what truly constitutes "quality of life". Here it is. Right now, I ain't going anywhere, because the things I like about this horseshit outweigh the things that I find unbearable.But I reserve the option of revising my opinion at any time in the future….

  10. "Here it is. Right now, I ain't going anywhere, because the things I like about this horseshit outweigh the things that I find unbearable."That sounds reasonable. That's always the math I've done.

  11. Much as I grumble about how predictable people can be, I still have no idea what's going to happen on the next page of the story. So you know, can't stop reading.

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