What Kenny Said

Since my third trimester, I have had a stream of people in my house. As much as I love these people, it has been EXHAUSTING. The last of them finally left this morning. Catering to family (even extraordinarily helpful family) on top of trying to learn to parent is just too much and I’ve been feeling claustrophobic.  This comes after a stay at the horrid Mother/Baby Unit in our decrepit hospital, in which we were crammed into a double room that was curtained off at about 6 feet and had almost no AC. We must’ve had had no fewer than 20 people come in and talk to us while we were trying to attend to a jaundiced newborn and I may have been watching the dream of breastfeeding my child die. I’ll let Kenny speak for me:

This is the first moment I’ve had to myself in days. So I am choosing to use it whining here. Lucky you, readers!

QUESTION: Is being adorable hard work?

QUESTION: What do you do when you’re this cute and you’re not even CLOSE to reaching Peak Cuteness yet?
ANSWER: Pinch your own cheek.

It ain’t easy bein’ sleepy

QUESTION: Are all my posts going to be insipid entries about how cute my babby is?
ANSWER: No. I promise. But I do beg your indulgence for now. Besides my brain is too fried to think of anything else to post.


20 thoughts on “What Kenny Said

  1. Two babies walk into a bar.Bartender puts Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly on the bar.The first baby looks at the bartender quizzically. The second baby says Muh wa nah GUH (it means "What's with the two idiots?" They're BABIES. What, you don't have Google Translate?)The bartender says "I figured you guys wanted something to drink, so I served you up a couple of boobs".Hey, I'll be here all week.Try the babies…er, the veal…

  2. ZRM: Target demographic, dude.VS: you have to plan to get some time to yourself. Send the boys out somewhere and just chill by yourself. It's really not optional, you have to do it.Also Dudeskull pikchers is nice

  3. MOAR D00DSKULL!!! Oh geez, don't encourage me!Why is Batman taking things from small children?Because HE'S BATMAN. VS: you have to plan to get some time to yourself. Send the boys out somewhere and just chill by yourself. It's really not optional, you have to do it.Also Dudeskull pikchers is niceThank you! And, yes, I'm hoping we can give each other breaks once we get the hang of things.

  4. SHE JUST SAID SHE WANTED TO BE ALONE!That made me laugh. 🙂Now you don't need a cat!P.S. Yes, babbah is getting even cuter.Ain't he, though? Too late! I have 3. Cats, not babbahs.

  5. Thank you for the Kennys, DK-W!Present for Vacuumslayer!Tee hee! Scientists should be smart enough to know that peanut and butter sammiches are where it's at. Seriously. Try it. I am a huge devotee.

  6. Thanks for the awesome pictures of that gorgeous baby! And welcome to the Sekrit Klub! Before I met my guy and had mine, I was not a baby or kid fan of any kind. I just didn't relate. They were like aliens. Then – my first was born, and I looked into his eyes, and – it was all over. I was a goner.It can get addictive, though – fair warning!

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