I Enjoy Silliness

It’s Friday. You know what that means. I demand that you click and enjoy silliness.

Do you enjoy silliness?

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40 thoughts on “I Enjoy Silliness

  1. Remember back in the distant, dusty, horsedrawn days before the intert00bz and Napster when the radio would decide to play a song and you really, REALLY liked it and your only real option was to listen to the radio all day until they played it again, and eventually you'd find out who it was and what it was called, and then your only OTHER option was to buy the whole fucking album which was very likely to turn out to suck canal water except for that one song and so you'd have to decide whether to lay down eighteen bucks for that one song which you knew from experience you'd grow tired of but it was like an itch on the bottom of your foot, you wanted, nay, NEEDED to hear that song again and both the options were painful and seriously annoying?It's like that – this is from the summer of 1987. I had no idea who the artist was or what the song was even called, and numerous internet searches for what lyrics I could recall came up empty because it never got popular. This week I managed to locate it on YouTube.And just as I remembered, it is a GOOD song. Ladies and gentlemen, living and undead, I give you John Kilzer's Green, Yellow and Red….

  2. Around here it's also good if you can make it all about the blogmistress.Uh oh. I've been found out. Wait. I've never made any secret of the fact that it's ALL ABOUT ME. Sirius, did you know there are lots of not-so-sekrit BOC fans that hang around here?

  3. Sure.You're still on the list for zombie hatred of course.Right after mikey.omg, that is dorky. BTW, I would like to be in your zombie movie. I request that my character have descriptors that include "sassy" or "heart of gold." Also "slays things" would be good.

  4. Well if we're linking things we should be aplogizing for, there's always this*.I knew what this was before I clicked it. Yet I clicked anyway. I think I may be retarded.

  5. NEEDED to hear that song again and both the options were painful and seriously annoying?And this is precisely why I love our new a la carte digital age. I pick and choose, baby! PICK. AND. CHOOSE.

  6. Zombie beats you to the draw on the Meat Puppets cover. HAH!I can only assume that all credit goes to your mega awesome commercial operating system imported direct from cupertino and hand delivered by Steve Jobs' Pancreas…

  7. "Yes, I love that song from back when Spinal Tap were good. You know, before they sold out."Tee hee! Of course. AK, I dig Madness! Maybe not as much as Silliness though.

  8. like this cd. Also this song to go along with it.Which song, Sirius? It's not letting me click for some reason. I really don't understand how people can be silly when there are poor unfortunate folks taking big blasts of santorum to the face.It's ok, Subby. They have it coming.

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