Coming Now

It’s RMF! What’s a sad or haunting or moody song do you dig?


33 thoughts on “Coming Now

  1. Yay, we can leave suggestive comments on VS' bewbie sight again!And my W/V is tract, as in "she's got huuuuge tracts of land.Also just want to point out that WC inspired me to go with an Avatar avatar.Haunting. Unfortunately this version of the song has never been released on any cd or mp3 format. Sad.Moody.

  2. Haunting. Unfortunately this version of the song has never been released on any cd or mp3 format.That's an awesome choice, Sirius. Cool song. I didn't know Sheryl Crow did any stuff like that. Wild and Blue by the Mekons.I'd love to hear it, but can't find it anywhere. 😦Haunting, eh? OK, how about this?I didn't find it haunting…but didn't dislike it.

  3. But yeah. I'll go with haunting.Yeah, I can see that. Nice choice. (BTW, had to turn it down low because if hubby heard me listening to Crue, he'd give me so much shit. I tease him mercilessly about his nostalgia for hair bands of the 80's. Although…I dunno…was Crue considered a hair band?)

  4. …was Crue considered a hair band?Ye…eah, I think you'd have to put them in that whole LA/Hair Metal scene, and therefore in the category.But at the same time, bands like Crue, and Skid Row, and Babylon AD were really doing the more interesting stuff at the time. I like to try to imagine how that genre might have evolved if the Flannel-and-Coffee set hadn't ground all the life out of it, causing the upcoming generation to hit the reset button and switch out all the posters in their bedrooms…OMG, W/V is channeling Karl Rove: atedleft

  5. Thanks to the modern wondras of GIMP and animated GIFs, rather than trying to describe what we see when the grey mist comes down — not necessarily involving Callista-spidras — we can just show it.But you try telling kids today.

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