I Know What I’m Getting You All for Kwanzaa


The reviews are positively Atlas Shruggian/Last Cupcakian.

And…sorry if this makes me a big old meanie, but what a weird, smarmy kid.  I  find it horrifying interesting that conservative folks are always so damn smarmy. It is the ODDEST thing. Oh well, she’s just a kid. There is absolutely hope for her.

Palate cleanser:

Kitten dreams of nothing but a moron-free America

UPDATE: Redonkulously hilarious kitten/orb video at Thunder’s place.

UPDATE 2: I have been informed in a totally not whiny, attention-hogging way that a certain zombie found the kitten vs. orb video. Give him credit or he will eat your branes.


21 thoughts on “I Know What I’m Getting You All for Kwanzaa

  1. Well, at least you don't make people write poems about how purty you are.Be honest, he would try it if he thought he could get away with it.w/v thinks I'm a wisaspe. It may be right.

  2. So yeah, reading the Amazon comments, this book will appeal to rightwing assholes who will ultimately scar their children emotionally no matter what. So in that sense, it's unlikely to have much net effect.

  3. I've had this avatar lying around for a while (tried to tie it to my Pidgin account with poor results). Decided to dust it off since I seem to be commenting at many blogs these days.You should see my Gravitar avitar. It's a close-up of my dog's face and loverly. Too bad you can't see it over at teh muvvership.

  4. OT: everybody should go and leave nonsense comments at T&U's place. I think having to keep up with hundreds of free-associating Imaginary Digital Frenz will cheer her up.Me, I have to go draw some signage, but I will be checking in. Also grading your work.

  5. I kind of like how my whiny comment is gone forever, so it seems as if vs' correction is due solely to her guilt at omitting the accreditation.I know. Now my credit just seems kinda jerky. I like it!

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