Challenge Accepted

A certain person took issue with my choice of video in the last entry, saying it somehow didn’t count as much as a video by a professional entertainer would. So…challenge accepted. Honestly, this may not have been the worst of the bunch I found. There were so many metrics I could have used: cheesiness, sheer awfulness, even raging misogyny. In the end, I went with whatthefuckery, because if this video doesn’t make you say “WTF?” and also a little concerned for Crispin Glover’s mental health, well…

This video made me giggle because it’s so fucking 80’s cheesy…and I’m pretty sure that song was recorded in the 90’s. BTW, I realize there are some moderately attractive women doing a concerning amount of pelvic thrusts in the video…but if you find it even the least bit sexy, man, don’t even bother coming back to this blog. BANNED!


56 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted

  1. WHAT IS YOUR MAJOR MALFUNCTION?!PTVD. Post-Traumatic Video Disorder.I have seen horrors in the Video Wars, things to ghastly to mention. Crazy, staring wingnuts on Hammond organs; Christian metal bands; The Right Brothers. The mind goes blank; the goggles do nothing….So we're just looking to share the pain, really.

  2. This is like a combination of the two videos vs posted.Did I take some drugs or huff something and wasn't aware? Holy shit. The Lollipop Guild sings to skinny women. Fucked. Up.

  3. I dunno.Brad Reed spent untold hours trying to help me understand this deficiency, without success.I will never grasp the concept of seeking out that which is unpleasant. It seems like, well, like marriage or something. Why do people do it?/rhetorical

  4. To the guy who says he lost his virginity to that song I just wanna say I hear there are these new things where you can "reclaim" your virginity. You might wanna look into that.

  5. When I was first dating my husband I rented this movie that I believe was made in the 70's called "Pigs." it was about–you guessed it–murderous farm pigs. I think he found this very puzzling. I have never stopped renting "Pigs" I guess you could say.

  6. There was this made for teevee movie like forty years ago where the happy family was happy and moved into this new suburban house and the dude component of the happy family took a picture of the happy family in front of the new suburban house and then all sorts of mean, nasty and ugly shit starts happening and they happy family is all "oooh, poor us, whatEVER the fuck is happening to us?" and of course, it's the seventies for fucks sake, so it takes like a calendar month to get the pictures back from the fucking drug store, but sure enough, when the dude component of the happy couple looks at the pictures he finally gets from walgreens, there he is, there's the fucking DEVIL peeking out the living room curtains, because, y'know, he's a helpless fucking tweaker and he hasn't bathed since the pope was a GIRL and peeking out of curtains is what he does, just like any number of my former girlfriends, who were not the devil but honestly, who could tell?

  7. I will not doff my cap to zrm. Aside from the fact that it makes it easier to get to my brain, I am a big Wakeman fan and that video is something of an embarrassment. I admit though that after seeing it I searched the related videos to see if there was one for Lancelot and Black Knight from the same concert. I could not find one, but now I have visions of the Monty Python fight scene only on ice skates and am dissapointed that it's not on video.

  8. " Riddled on Ice"Despite the interpretative signs, the tour of the staff cryotanks is not as exciting as you might think.W/v = "probe" GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME

  9. I think you underestimate how easily-amused my readers are. You also have obviously not thought this through very well, as we would most certainly straddle your cryotanks suggestively and take pictures.

  10. I remember it like it was yesterday.I was the loader in a CryoTank.Gonna get this round loaded some time before 2240.Then we'll show you, you bastards…W/V suggests we use artificial hair for covert communications: wignal

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