Frogbutt Bigotry

At my second shower, I received a pair of tiny pants with a frog appliqued on the butt.

Now, I’m sure when Little E. is crawling or squirming around in these, everyone will think it’s soooooo cute. But when I wear tiny pants with a frog appliqued on the butt, everyone says it’s “weird” and “creepy.” Also, he has footie pajamas with lion faces on the feet. Cute, right? But if I put on some lion footie pajamas, people say it’s “inappropriate.” UNFAIR.
In other cute news, I’d like to share with you this video, which is an explosion of silliness and awesomeness. First of all, it’s bunnies. JUMPING. Second of all, the soundtrack is only my favorite song ever. It’s the BEST–AROUND!

This is less happy-making.

I feel so sorry for that poor kid.


9 thoughts on “Frogbutt Bigotry

  1. I'd just like to suggest that a note of caution might be appropriate here.See, you make the poor kid wear those ridiculous britches and the psychic trauma may well be enough to lead to a life characterized by violence, substance abuse, disrespect for authority, destruction of property and generally aimless, unfocused approach to his or her very existence!And we wouldn't want that, now would we?

  2. Be honest–you had to wear frog pants as a child, didn't you?"Not ready for not-happy making, yet. Maybe later, if my haircut turns out decent."Tell her to use the big bowl.

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