This Aggression Will Sit in the Corner with a Dunce Cap On! + RMF: Lovesick Edition

Another Halloween came and went last year…and once again I see the digital artist was forgotten in all the excitement. Oh sure, there are costumes for Sexy Nurses, Sexy Teachers, and Sexy Catholic School Girls…but the Sexy Digital Artist costume is nowhere to be found. It’s almost like the geniuses who come  up with these clever outfits don’t think sitting at the computer for hours on end in a stained t-shirt while developing debilitating Carpal Tunnel is sexy. To which I ask: WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT? I’ll have you know I can take down my hair and remove glasses while a saxophone wails in the background every bit as well as the next Sexy Businesswoman (Who Would Totally Loosen up if She Just Got Some Dick). Sure, I get tripped up when I try to do it in slow motion, BUT STILL.

Also, I feel it’s imperative that I point out that simply putting the word “sexy” in front of something won’t necessarily actually make something sexy.

Sexy Toadstool
Sexy Mold Sample
Sexy Cockroach
Sexy Wingnut
Sexy Nazi
Sexy Leper

But check this out:
Sexy Digital Artist


Anyway, I blame Big Soft-Core Porn, an industry which has systematically and viciously ignored my kind for far too long. If I weren’t epically lazy I would TOTALLY do something about that!

OK, on to RMF: What’s your favorite Lovesick song?


20 thoughts on “This Aggression Will Sit in the Corner with a Dunce Cap On! + RMF: Lovesick Edition

  1. That's OK, VS…come on over here and I'll play the blues for you.That's what I'm talking about. I bough the song as soon as I heard it. *two thumbs and a unicorn hoof up* Sexy Mama.Oh boy. I'm afraid I'll have to leave that kinda dancing to hot Indian wimmin for now.

  2. I bough the song as soon as I heard it.…later:I bought it also.Oh. I thought we were getting some sort of VtreesturbationR or something. Now I'm disappointed.(actually glad you liked it. AK is an awesome blues dude)

  3. Oh yeah. I seem to have a lot of blues-influenced stuff in my liberry. (Although I know rock historians argue that ALL music is blues-influenced.) So, yeah, it's nice to have some of the "real" stuff in there too.

  4. I'm beginning to think you guys just skimmed this entry and didn't read it! I was axing for lovesick (as in weird, twisted, tragic, unrequited) songs, not sexy ones. HEY!!! When you listed the costumes, you forgot sexy mustard.That cracked me up. Oh man…do I want to be Sexy Pope or Sexy Lobster this year?!Sexy!Actually…yes.

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