Cupcakes Go Galt

Seeing both the reviews of Atlas Shrugged and the producer’s reaction to those reviews has gotten me reminiscing about my first and last foray into film-making.

A couple  years back, I made “The Last Cupcake,” an existential film about how one woman learns to live in a world with without cupcakes.

Many people called it a “vanity project,” which was bullshit, because Vanity wasn’t even involved. 

The Last Cupcake, a vacuumslayer joint


Tommy Wiseau


vacuumslayer, Tommy Wiseau


The reviews were…not kind:

“I’m standing here looking at my kitchen cupboard. There are, like, three boxes of cake mix. I have no idea what the point of this film was.” –Richard Roeper

“The tasteless poster is a good indication of the lack of theatrical invention within. The creative growth of these film-makers cannot even be charted. They are treading water in a sea of retarded sexuality and bad dialogue.”  –Marti DiBergi

“I was not whisked away to another world while I watched this film. But I did feel bruised and battered  by the time it was over. Getting through it sure wasn’t a piece of cake.“–Gene Shalit

Yeah, it’s true. The PLEBES just didn’t get it. It did, however garner a bit of a cult following after its DVD release. Check it out if you think you can appreciate its adult themes and staggering genius.

UPDATE: Who is Tommy Wiseau? He’s the director of my other favorite film


14 thoughts on “Cupcakes Go Galt

  1. You produced, co-wrote, starred, co-starred and have the same name as at least two of the main characters? And people dared to call it a "vanity" project?!There's a hidden assumption about quality in there somewhere.

  2. Vanity schmanity. That's good old fashioned Randian, Galtian, bootsrappy, Do-it-yourselfiness. You know why people call it "vanity?" JEALOUS!!!!! Everybody panned my movie when it came out, but my BRILLIANCE WILL BE RECOGNIZED later! AND THEN YOU'LL ALL BE SORRY!!

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