These Rock ‘n’ Roll Men with Armadillos in Their Trousers

FACT: If you carry on any conversation long enough, it will eventually turn to bass players and how much they suck.

I say they’re still panty-throw-worthy.  But then I am a sick, sick person. I swear that if there a physical embodiment of how my body responds to news that a man plays an instrument (besides his penis) it would be a cat holding creepily still while her ears twitch. Throw in music-geekery and I’m pretty much horizontal.

Random thought: Are there any other “Beth” songs out there besides this one by KISS?

 Kiss: 3 scary dudes and one dude who got his face painted like a cat at the county fair.

I realize I could very easily Google this info myself, but then I wouldn’t be able to wonder aloud, Jonah-like, and get people to do work for me. I’m guessing there are 0 “Bethany” songs out there…

OK, but in serious music news, I really, really like Grizzly Bear. I would feel comfortable describing their music as textural. It always feels multi-layered to me, like there’s lots of stuff going on, but it’s never cacophonous, there’s nothing gratuitous in its layers. It just feels intricately-woven to me. LIKE A BEAUTIFUL MUSIC AFGHAN! Plus, it’s just really amazing music. It may take you a listen or two to get it…but once you do, prepare to be beguiled.

Recent Genius playlist, startin’ with “Two Weeks” by Grizzly Bear:

“I Turn My Camera On”–Spoon

“Elephant Gun”–Beirut

“The Funeral”–Band of Horses

“Hang Me up to Dry”–Cold War Kids

“My Moon My Man”–Feist

“Gold Lion”–Yeah Yeah Yeahs

“Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games”–Of Montreal

“Knife”–Grizzly Bear

“Strange Times”–The Black Keys

“The Greatest”–Cat Power

I know it’s not RMF, but if you have a playlist you’d like to share, by all means…


23 thoughts on “These Rock ‘n’ Roll Men with Armadillos in Their Trousers

  1. I saw the Spinal Tap Unwigged tour in Milwaukee; in fact, it was recorded and I believe it is on DVD; several times you can see my and my friend Rory in the crowd.Annette Bening sang and danced with them. She is married to the other guy, you know.

  2. I've always thought Annette was so pretty and striking and an underrated actress. She's also in one of the best TV miniseries' of all time: Dead by SunsetI saw the Spinal Tap Unwigged tour in MilwaukeeOf course you did. I'd've been surprised if you hadn't. more been into the nature boy scene.Does that mean you've been walking around outside naked? Because I'm pretty sure that's against the law.

  3. BTW, I totally fucked up a chance to get the attention of the Offense Bots today. See, I was eating a strawberry eclair, which was cartoonishly overflowing with cream…and dropped a big glob between my boobs. This is a typical thing for me. I am a slob. So I was going to take a picture. But then I thought "nah." Also, I thought white cream between breasts might look kind of…obscene. *slaps forehead*MISSED OPPORTUNITY!!!! GAH!

  4. Besides, I only had one eclair.Also easily corrected.Annette O'Toole also was in the miniseries IT, which is one of the only TV shows to ever scare the bejabbers out of me (up till the ending, of course)She was very lovely on stage, and whats-his-name is a lucky fellow.

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