Good ‘n’ Weird: RMF!

Sometimes I get bored with pretty much every single freaking song in my iTunes liberry. So I’ll go hunt for new music. I’m always happy when I find stuff that’s a little off the beaten path. A little weird. Maybe even a little challenging. I don’t mind giving a song a few chances to get under my skin. In fact, sometimes I find it’s the songs that take awhile to do so that end up being my favorites. But, ultimately, weird and challenging mean nothing if  a song isn’t listenable.

Two weird gems from my liberry:

Bunny and I go our own way, music-wise. 

So, anyway, do you have any weird, wonderful stuff in your liberry? Or do you have any songs that took awhile to love?


29 thoughts on “Good ‘n’ Weird: RMF!

  1. Jeffraham, that's actually pretty damn cool.I may look her up on iTunes. Sirius, I actually really liked that didgeridoo song. *thumbs up*moondog, I have unspammed you. 🙂Bouffy, Pippi has been fighting with birds. Hence the title of the work (which is mine, natch): "Fight Club."Thunder, I have no idea what I'm looking at, I just know I want to be a part of it.

  2. Based on comments on another blog, I went looking but was unsuccessful at finding the video for I Want To Kill everybody by Ed Haynes.You can, however, hear and/or download it here. Not that I endorse stealing music, but that album is not available right now. I do, of course, own an original release cd of it. Of course.

  3. "I have no experience of that sensation. Perhaps you could describe it for us."Where to begin? How about the creeping feeling of dread…then comes the sweating…then oddly…arousal…and on to nausea…and finally the shame. My god, the shAme. Kinda like that.

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